Freak Show Scare Zone

A travelling side-show of circus rejects has descended. Dare you walk amongst the freakishly fascinating misfits, desperate for your undivided attention?

As the nights draw in and the air gets that autumnal nip what better way to keep away those winter blues than with a trip to fair? A disparate band of performers have descended up Alton Towers this Scarefest, desperate to perform for you... whether you want them to or not.

Surely everyone has their favourite act when the Freak Show is in town, so when The Ring Master beckons you in you'd better not hesitate. The freaks are all here from the classic Bearded Lady right through to the the Strong Man who is desperate to impress with his incredible feats. Which one will choose you as their willing audience?

The Freak Show ran for just two years before the park abandoned the idea of Scare Zones in 2018, in favour of their new concept of Scaremosphere.

Attraction Stats

8th October 2016
31st October 2017
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