Lava Lump

When Ug Land opened in 1999 it brought to the park a whole host of prehistoric sideshows, including a pillar of 'rock' nearby the Corkscrew with a pterodactyl nest on top. The Lava Lump was a pay per play climbing wall aimed at younger members of the family, challenging intrepid climbers to make ascend to become Top of the Rocks.

In late 2004, the centre of Ug Land cleared of attractions to make way for Rita and when the Lava Lump was removed it looks like the attraction was extinct. However, in 2006 the Lava Lump returned, minus the nest on top, at the entrance to Forbidden Valley. In its new location the climbing wall operated for several more years, along with a set of trampolines, until 2011 when the site was cleared to make way for Nemesis Sub-Terra.

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