Sharkbait Reef Shoppe

Your number one stop for pirate booty, from grog to keep any pirate merry to collectable golden doubloons, the Sharkbait Reef Shoppe has it all...

For a veritable treasure trove of Sealife merchandise, the discerning pirate is always sure to pop into a Sharkbait Reef Shoppe for all their seafaring needs. Located on the exit to Sharkbait Reef, the shoppe also has a range of treasures from across the globe

When the Shoppe first opened it was known as the Mutiny Bay Shoppe, but the name was changed in 2015 to avoid confusion when the Treasure Trove Pirate Shoppe opened elsewhere in Mutiny Bay.

Attraction Stats

15th March 2008
Annual Pass Discounts
Opens at