Phil and Franklyn’s Ghoul School

If you've ever wanted to become an expert in scares then today is your lucky day! Enroll in Ghoul School and Phil and Franklyn will teach you everything they know.

Ghoul School

Phil and Franklyn's Ghoul School

Join Phil the Mummy and Franklyn the Frankenstein Monster, as they prepare to educate their audience in the fine art of spooktacular scares. This family fun show will be held at several times through the day and after the performances the characters will be around for photos and to meet guests of all ages.

The show debuted in 2012 and featured an amneisac Franklyn, who was not looking forward to Halloween because he had forgotten how to spook. Who's he going to call? No, not them, however Phil the mummy was on hand to help his friend remember how to scare.

The original version of the show ran through to the 2017 Scarefest.

Attraction Stats

13th October 2012
31st October 2017
TS Scare Rating
Family Friendly
12:00, 2:45, 5:30
15 minutes
Trick or Treat Stage