Pirates of Mutiny Bay

A motley crew come ashore in the search of treasure in the first of the chronicles of The Pirates of Mutiny Bay.


The Pirates of Mutiny Bay (2008)

Cutthroat Jake and his shipmate Sid Limpet have been cast ashore at Mutiny Bay with the express orders of Captain Black to find some treasure... or else.

Luckily a local fisherman is on hand with a 'map' he is willing to share for a fair price. Soon however Sid and Jake are on a wild goose chase having been tricked by the notorious bandit Draco Darkheart.

Never one to give in to easily, Jake soon finds himself in possession of a potential chest but how will they get inside to find if they've hit the jackpot. Perhaps the captain's parrot might be able to help?


Draco Darkheart - Hiding out in Mutiny Bay as the humble fisherman Cedric, this notorious pirate soon comes out of hiding in order to get his hands on some treasure.

Cutthroat Jake - This young pirate set sail on the seven seas in hope of adventures and treasure. Will he find what he's looking for when he lands in Mutiny Bay?

Sid Limpet - Sid is a cabin boy aboard Captain Black's ship and it's fair to say his not the sharpest swordfish in the sea.

Captain Black - The elusive Captain Black may be rarely seen but he runs a tight ship and ensures his order are followed at all times

Feathers Mcgee - Captain Black's riddling parrot.

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15th March 2008
9th November 2008