Project 42

This Scarefest return to the Phalanx compound and open the case file of Project 42. A disease is spreading and you're the final hope to find a cure in time...

Project 42

Project 42 Teaser

All has been quiet in the Phalanx compound - too quiet.

Operatives have recently returned to Forbidden Valley to work on Project 42 but their research has gone very wrong and a terrible contagion has broken out, which threatens to overrun the whole valley if left unchecked.

Will you volunteer your services this Scarefest to enter the sub-terranean lab and mount a daring rescue attempt? If you can get the technician out of the compound in time, you might just be able to brew a vaccination before you succumb to the infection.

Attraction History

Project 42 construction

Project 42 took over the Nemesis Sub-Terrra building for the 2018 Scarefest. Whilst much of the Sub-Terra theming is used for the maze, the drop towers do not feature in the attraction.

The Phalanx have also returned as part of the maze's story, having last been seen in the Dark Apocalypse scare zone in 2016. The theme of the attractions are also similar, both involving a contagion let loose in Forbidden Valley.

Attraction Stats

6th October 2018
3rd November 2019