Scary Tales Scare Zone

Once Upon a Time arrives in the here and now, as you step into an enchanted land where dreams really can come true and nightmares never end...

Scary Tales

Scary Tales Entrance

In a forgotten corner of Adventure Land lies the fairytale forest. Once filled with hopes and dreams, sinister forces had darkened this magical land as Scarefest 2014 arrived. But don't worry, the land was soon put back to rights and the Scare Zone did not return the following year.

Scary Tales invited you to step onto the page of your very own tale and follow the path of many a hardy (or should that be foolhardy) adventurer. Their campfires lined your route as you explored deep within the enchanted woods and came face to face with the heroes of your childhood.

Will you find your happily ever after?

Scare Zone Experience

Snow White

You start your journey into the world of Scary Tales by passing through a crooked gate opposite Adventure Land. Immediately you are transported into a wondrous world of giant sweets surrounding an inviting gingerbread house, where Hansel and Gretel were waiting to greet you. Fortunately, it looks like they have already dispatched their captor into the oven before you arrived, though it would seem that the guilt of murder has left them a little disturbed and ever-so hungry.

Not much further into the wood you come across Snow White, recently awoken from her slumber. She too seems rather worse for wear from her ordeal, though at least she is not dead, which is more than can be said for her seven companions. And wasn't there a woodsman tasked with taking her heart back to the queen... and would the queen notice if it wasn't Snow White's?

Next up, as you enter the magic mirror maze, where you might just catch a glimpse of a red cloak flitting across the glass, which can only mean you're on the way to granny's house. Venturing into the woods alone can be a dangerous experience but don't worry about Red Riding Hood, she knows exactly how to handle herself and by the time you're free of the maze it is clear that she and her granny have already dispatched the wolf in a suitably gruesome manner.

Scary Tales - The Three Pigs

Next door it transpires that while the wolf may now be dead in life he was Big and Bad and has already wreaked havoc on the homes of the Three Little Pigs. Well... maybe not so little, but certainly they are out for revenge on anyone unlucky enough to pass by.

Attraction History

Scary Tales - Construction

The Scary Tales Scare Zone was new for 2014 and replaced the Carnival of Screams in Adventure Land. The attraction marked the second free Scare Zone for Scarefest and utilised the outdoor areas of the former circus themed scaremaze. To create a fairytale world the attraction utilised many props from past events, not just Scarefest but even as far back as Chocolate Towers.

Perhaps due to its subject matter the resulting attraction was more fun than scary, which may explain why after just one season the scare zone was discontinued. The area sat unused in 2015, before becoming the "safe route" to X Sector for visitors trying to avoid the Freak Show in 2016.

But the story didn't end there... and in 2018 the remains of Scary Tales' entrance gateway reappeared during Scarefest as the backdrop for the new Trick or Treat Stage. 

During the park's Christmas event you might also recognise some of the candy decorations, which had previously appeared in the Hansel and Gretel scene of Scary Tales (though originally this theming was created for the Chocolate Towers event in 2006).

Attraction Stats

18th October 2014
2nd November 2014
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