Sub Species: Operation Lockdown

An unidentified alien species has invaded and the threat must be contained. The Phalanx have been called in and need Operatives for their covert night-time operation.

Sub Species: Operation Lockdown

Sub Species

For 2015 with the introduction of Sub Species: The End Games came a brand new immersive maze taking place after park close. Guests were offered, for a price, the chance to undertake this 2 hour escape room experience between 10pm and midnight on selected nights throughout the Scarefest event.

Featuring a theatrical immersive story and described as a "two hour extreme horror experience", groups needed to complete a series of challenges throughout the maze. Among them was one of three escape rooms, with the aim being to destroy the alien species and ensure ‘you and the rest of humanity survive’. Guests moved through the maze in small groups, and needed to work together as a team to make it out successfully. Utilising the pitch black rooms, tunnels, tight corridors and claustrophobic spaces of the day-time maze, with the added hand-on element from the residents, Operation Lockdown was the ultimate in extreme maze experiences.

Operation Lockdown did not return for 2016.


Sub Species

The storyline for the maze was a follow up to the stories of Nemesis, and it’s more recent sister attraction Nemesis: Sub Terra:

“In 1994 a government organisation known as The Phalanx, tasked with protecting the world from unknown threats, took on their most high profile case ever – to control the Nemesis creature and contain those that served it to the underground. Now, this post-apocalyptic, sewer dwelling community has been infested by a species from another world. The Phalanx have been called upon again to destroy the threat and they need you to join their ranks; to become an Operative and to help battle the latest threat to life as we know it. Join The Phalanx on their latest mission and take on a series of challenges to destroy the alien species and ensure you and the rest of humanity survive.”

Dates and Prices

There were limited dates, and very limited spaces available for the maze, with prices starting from £99 per person. Annual Pass discount was available as well as early access to tickets for some fan sites. The Resort also released a leaflet promoting the experience.

Attraction Stats

17th October 2015
1st November 2015
From £99pp
TS Scare Rating
Extremely scary!
Opened at
Closed at