The Curse of the Red Skull

The pirates of Mutiny Bay set sail on a quest to discover the legendary Red Skull. But rumour has it they are not the only ones to seek the infamous artefact....


Pirates of Mutiny Bay

Pirate Captain Jenny James and her hapless cabin boy Sam Pigeon set sail on their latest quest, in search of the legendary Red Skull: a mystical object which, when stared at, makes a person "what they are not".

Joined by the constantly terrified Sir Edward England of His Majesty's Navy, and the cruel, smelly Sharktooth Jack - accompanied by the odd quip from resident pungent skeleton Stinkbomb John - a wild adventure of songs, sword-fights and splashes plays out, as one-by-one the characters fall foul to the Red Skull's curse, climaxing in the previously reticent Edward England bursting into an unstoppably sassy rendition of 'Born This Way'. 


Sharktooth Jack - Jack is the captain of the Fat Pig; a ruthless, pirate who treats his first mate very harshly. Will this harsh taskmaster meet his comeuppance in the end?

Sam Pigeon - Sam is the Fat Pig's first mate, and actually its entire crew. He's loyal to his captain, despite the way he is treated, but he isn't the brightest of pirates.

Sir Edward England - A British Navy officer who has been abandoned by the rest of his crew, something which soon becomes understandable, as we see that he is just as clueless as Sam Pigeon, and even worse at catching pirates.

Jenny James - She may be mocked for being a female pirate captain, but what a tough captain she is. This is one Pirate Girl who won't be pushed around by the men, quite the contrary in fact!

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24th March 2012
4th November 2012
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13:00, 14:30, 15:45
20 minutes
Mutiny Bay Courtyard