The Furchester Hotel Live

Check in at the resort's smallest hotel and let your furry stay begin. So welcome to the Furchester...

The Furchester Hotel Live Building

Funella and Fergus throw open the doors of their half-star hotel and are welcoming guests for the full Furchester experience. Prices for your stay start at a very reasonable level as they are included in the price of your ticket.

You've arrived at a very special time - the hotel is expecting the arrival of Chick Swagger, the world famous celebrity, and it's all hands on deck. Pheobe and Elmo are helping to get the hotel ready and hopefully they can avoid any catastrophes with the red carpet and the rock and roll rooster will arrive in time to perform his rock-a-doodle-do hit, Tail Feather Shake.

But don't check out too soon, as the hotel's catering is exclusively provided by the Cookie Monster...whaterever could be on the menu?

Attraction Stats

25th March 2017
Opens at
Park Open
Closes at
Ride Close