The Go!Go!Go! Show

Five talented new stars, their very baffled friend, and some catchy new pop songs are all part of this action-packed musical adventure!


Sir Attenborough Baffled, wildlife filmmaker and brother of Mr Baffled, has gone missing in the Cloud Cuckoo Land Jungle. To solve this mystery, Mr Baffled sends his team of pop star pals – Go!Go!Go! – to find him, and solve the mystery!

As you join the Go!Go!Go! Guys on their journey, audiences encounter a sock-eating creature called the Fluffalope, a jungle with some very scary surprises, two very baffled men, and five pop stars singing some fantastic songs. 

Throughout the adventure the audience, children and adults alike, were encouraged to join in by dancing, singing, and even learning some  very special martial arts.

Have you got what it takes to become a Go!Go!Go! Getter?


Go! Go! Go! Guys

The Cast of Go!Go!Go! were all distinctly recognisable in their bright colours, and would often meet guests in the Toy Shop after the show. The Go!Go!Go! Guys would also appear around the park during the day, too.

Jade - Recognisable by her distinctive dungarees and glasses, Jade is the green member of Go!Go!Go!

Holly - Holly is the red member of Go!Go!Go!, encouraging the audience to join in and teaching them the dance moves.

Gemma - Gemma may seem to have her head in the clouds, but this pink member of Go!Go!Go! can have some fantastic ideas! She's also very good friends with Fluffalope.

Carl - Carl is particularly fond of magic tricks, and is more than happy to magic up a sock or two to appease Fluff's appetite. Carl is the yellow member of Go!Go!Go!.

Steve - Steve is a master in the art of ichi-oo, a rare form of martial arts, he is the Blue member of Go!Go!Go!, and eagerly shares his moves with the audience.

Mr Baffled - A good friend of Go!Go!Go! who is, as his name suggests, baffled by most things. He sends Go!Go!Go! on missions to solve his baffling mysteries, and is often seen around the park with the rest of the gang.

Fluffalope - Discovered on a previous mission, the Fluffalope is a very strange fuzzy creature, who eats nothing but socks! Be sure to feed him, though, or the results of his belches could be disastrous! 

Sir Attenborough Baffled - A loving send-up of a certain popular wildlife filmmaker, Sir Baffled is the brother of Mr Baffled, who unfortunately ends up stranded in the CCL Jungle. However, his abilities are questionable, as he seems more interested in the reality show TrouserSwap!


The Go! Go! Go! Show arrived in the Cloud Cuckoo Land theatre in 2011, fresh from a run in the West End the previous year. An energetic change from the previous Sir Algernon shows, the new show brought a fresh concept to the theatre that encouraged the audience to get involved in the action.

After one season filled with song and dance the Go!Go!Go! Guys departed at the end of the 2011, when the theatre closed to be converted into a 4D Cinema for Ice Age 4D the following year.

But the story didn't end there... with the Go! Go! Go! Guys going on to have their own show on Nick Jr. and even to this day they still perform together occasionally as well as carrying out dance workshops in schools.

Attraction Stats

26th March 2011
6th November 2011
First Season
Last Season
Cloud Cuckoo Land Theatre
Show Times:
12:30, 13:30, 16:30