The Pirate of Sharkbait Reef

The second outing of The Pirates of Mutiny Bay introduced us to Sharktooth Jack and his nefarious schemes, as the pirate of Sharkbait Reef washed ashore in Mutiny Bay...


The Pirate of Sharkbait Reef (2009)

Emily, the daughter of Admiral, has found herself in deep water, when she is captured by Sharktooth Jack, the infamous pirate of Sharkbait Reef. Luckily for her Billy, the deck washer on her father's ship, is on hand to mount a rescue and return her to safety.

But will he be successful in his attempts or will they both end up as shark bait? There's only one way to find out... through an adventure filled with slapstick, stunts and shanties.

By the time the show returned for its second season, Sharktooth Jack had gained himself a bumbling crew and a new found love for Queen, and Emily's capture now took place during a slapstick medley of the band's greatest hits.


Emily - She may have found herself in distress, but the daughter of the admiral is no damsel and can give as good as she gets, both in a fight or a medley.

Sharktooth Jack - This dastardly pirate has gained a fearsome reputation on the high seas but has he met his match now he's washed ashore in Mutiny Bay?

Billy - Loyal to a T, this deck swab had better hope his sword skills match his skills with a mop if he hopes to survive a trip into a pirate's den. 

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