The Kidnap of Lady Victoria Sponge

Lady Victoria found herself in a spot of bother in the last of the chronicles of the Pirate of Mutiny Bay...


Lady Victoria Sponge found herself in imminent peril in this new show for 2013 and it's up to Sir Edward England to save her. The Earl of Batternberg has tasked Sir Edward with rescuing his fiancée and bringing her home safely but the hapless officer has no idea where to start.

He soon crosses paths with Roger Ramrod and the two join forces to go up against ruthless pirate, Sharktooth Jack, who they suspect is behind the kidnapping. It's not long before they find their target but there's only one problem - Lady Victoria isn't too keen to return to the Earl of Batternberg.

Will Sir Edward fulfil his orders and return home with Lady Victoria or perhaps his eye might be caught by a greater reward?

Along with some hilarious jokes (for all members of the family) and some interesting covers of pop songs, the show offers some spectacular effects, which are bound to get those close to the stage a little more involved in the action.


Lady Victoria Sponge - The damsel in distress of our story. Lady Victoria is looking for love in all the wrong places, perhaps she'll discover the love of her life in Mutiny Bay.

Sir Edward England - A British Navy officer who has been tasked with rescuing Lady Victoria. He'll need all the help he can get as he's completely clueless when it comes to tracking damsels in distress... and most other things.

Pirate Captain Roger Ramrod - A rascal, a rogue and an all round buccaneer, perhaps he might be persuaded to help out in return for a slice of the ransom.

Sharktooth Jack - Jack is the captain of the Fat Pig; a cruel, ruthless, pirate who treats his first mate very harshly. Will this harsh taskmaster meet his comeuppance in the end?

Attraction Stats

16th March 2013
8th November 2015
12:00pm, 1:00pm and 2:00pm
20 minutes
Mutiny Bay Courtyard