The Treasure Trove Pirate Shoppe (SBNO)

Come along m'hearties and take a look round the only place on park to buy LEGO sets...

Please Note: The Treasure Trove did not reopen in 2016. For all your LEGO needs you might want to try the Sharkbait Reef Shoppe or Towers Trading.

The Treasure Trove Pirate Shoppe opened in 2015, becoming the second shop in Mutiny Bay. Whereas the original Mutiny Bay Shoppe (now known as the Sharkbait Reef Shoppe) focuses on more general gifts as well as SeaLife branded goods, the Treasure Trove is the home for LEGO on park and stocks a wide variety of LEGO sets within its shelves.

Attraction Stats

23rd May 2015
8th November 2015