Trick or Treat Stage

You are guaranteed a treat no matter which of the shows you catch on the Trick or Treat Stage...

Attraction History

The Trick or Treat stage set has been used every year at Scarefest since 2007 when it was introduced and has become the staple show of the parks entertainment offering. Previous years saw the stage host Trick or Treat Doors, where three witches hosted a game, where guests who joined in with the fun and played along with the trick-or-treat game were invited on stage and behind each door their might be a prank or a treat waiting for them. In 2011 however it was announced the Trick or Treat Stage would instead host a party for the park's four Scarefest characters.

In its first year in the park the Trick or Treat Stage was located near the Twirling Toadstool but after only one year here it was then located in Fountain Square across from Woodcutters Bar and Restaurant, where it stayed for the remaining years of Trick or Treat Doors. When Patch's Trick or Treat Party debuted in 2011 the stage was relocated to the main lawn at the bottom of Towers Street, giving the show a prime location for attracting passing guests. However with the redevelopment of Old MacDonald's Farm, 2013 has seen the stage relocated back to Fountain Square as part of Franklyn's Freaky Fun Zone.

The stage was used for the final time in 2017. 2018 saw the return of the Freaky Fun Zone, feature a much larger new stage suitable for the expanded antertainment offering, including the Freaky Funk Squad music show.

Attraction Stats

13th October 2007
31st October 2017