X-Sell (SBNO)

Enjoyed Oblivion? What better way to remember your plunge than with one of the full range of souvenirs available from X-Sell, available as you exit the ride...

Please note:  X-Sell is currently on reduced operation and only X-Pose, the Oblivion on-ride photo point is open.

Overlooking X Sector, this imposing edifice hides conceals the three units of X-Cite, X-Sell and X-Pose; Oblivion's arcade, shop and on-ride photo booth.

X-Sector - X-Sell 2016


  • Oblivion merchandise
  • Oblivion clothing
  • Oblivion on ride photography
  • Pick'n'Mix
  • Bottled drinks and confectionery
  • Bench clothing


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