Dinosaur Land

Dinosaur Land in 1981

In a land before time, also known as the early 80s, dinosaurs once roamed the Staffordshire Moorlands. A large enclosure next to the entrance of the Springfield Centre was home to a herd of fibreglass dinosaurs along with a selection of other prehistoric beasts, including Mammoths and Sabre-toothed Tigers and Bears. Oh my!

It wasn't a meteorite, but rather a Black Hole that wiped out Dinosaur Land. When preparations for the new coaster got under way towards the end of 1983, the dinosaurs were cleared out, along with several tonnes of the soil underneath them.

But the story didn't end there... Dinosaur Land may have been long gone, but the prehistoric residents remained in the park, with many of the dinosaurs finding their way over to the Log Flume. They remained as part of the flume's meandering course through the ancient woodlands of the gardens until the mid-90s, when they finally became extinct.

Attraction Facts



- 1980 -
Opened in Springfield Centre
- 1983 -
Closed after 4 seasons