Frog Hopper

This lively character doesn't hang around. Hold on as you bounce up and down on this exciting ride. You'd be hopping mad to miss it...

Has the frog croaked? The park have applied to install a pair of Junior Drop Towers in CBeebies Land. If the plan gets the go ahead it would likely mean the Frog Hopper will hop out of the park ahead of the 2019 season.

Frog Hopper 2017

It's not only adults that enjoy thrills and spills and the Frog Hopper is perfect for the younger members of the family to experience their first "pink knuckle" ride.

The Frog Hopper is quite mobile and often hops around the park but it can usually be found on its lily pad, which is currently in front of theCloud Cuckoo Land theatre.

Ride History

After the closure of the short-lived Nickelodeon Outta Control, the park added Frog Hopper to Cred Street during the 1999 season to fill the gap left by the closure of its signature attraction.

The ride, a familiar sight from fairgrounds across the world, was added as a low-cost and quick fix to the children's ride line up and retained its "off the shelf" appearance for its first 10 years in the park. It was not until the arrival of Cloud Cuckoo Land in 2009 when it received a much-needed repaint to help better fit the area.

The ride is portable and so during its time in the park has often moved for special events and has operated at the hotels and also Towers Street (in 2014) during the resort's Christmas events.  In 2017, the ride was relocated to sit in front of Cloud Cuckoo Land's theatre, which is currently SBNO.

Attraction Facts

S&S Power
Frog Hopper
28th March 2009
Ride Length
1:45 (approx)
198 riders per hour
Ride Capacity
6 riders

Attraction Extras

No standard Fastrack available
Not open for Early Ride Time
No souvenir photo available

Attraction Restrictions

More information on height restrictions...
Minimum Height
Unaccompanied Height


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