Postman Pat's Parcel Post

Join Pat and his ever faithful cat Jess as they deliver their precious parcels. You're in charge of Pat's van as you travel around Greendale to meet your favourite characters...

Ride Experience

You don't have to arrive early in the morning, just as day is dawning, to make your way to Greendale and meet everyone's favourite postman and his cat Jess. Pat's always glad of visitors and he's just received a fresh load of parcels that need delivering, so climb aboard Pat's famous  van and soon you'll be meeting all his friends and neighbours as you help him out on his delivery route.

When it comes to delivering the post there is no time to spare and even in the queue-line you'll start your quest by guessing what sort of parcels you'll be delivering today. Once you've entered the sorting office the van will soon be loaded and you'll be ready to start your round. It looks like Pat's got a very busy route and you're sure to meet lots of friends on the way.

On the way make sure you press the right buttons at the right time so Postman Pat can hear what parcels to deliver when. Pat might even take you on a detour to see is delivery helicopter, though today it's having some work done by Ted so you'll have to stick to the van for delivering the rest of your parcels.

When he's finished his round, Postman Pat likes nothing more than to take his van on a spin around CBeebies Land, so watch out for him as he drives around the area and says hello; if you're lucky you might even get to stroke Jess the Cat.

Attraction History

Postman Pat's Parcel Post was a brand new ride for 2014 that took the place of Old MacDonald's Tractor Ride, which operated in the area from 1995 to 2013.

Despite the ride taking a very similar path to the Tractor Ride, the original attraction was completely removed to make-way for the new Postman Pat's Parcel Post in CBeebies Land, with all new vehicles and ride workings being used. You might however recognise some areas of the roadway, as in many places this is the same as the route the Tractors used to travel along.

Attraction Stats

24th May 2014
Ride Capacity
Ride Cars
Persons per Car
5 (2 adult + 3 children)


24th May 2014
Opened in CBeebies Land

Attraction Extras

No standard Fastrack available
Opens for Early Ride Time
Souvenir Photo Available

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Minimum Height

Unaccompanied Height

Attraction Facts

Metallbau Emmein GmbH & Co.
Guided Track Ride
24th May 2014


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