The Blade

Welcome to Alton Towers' post-apocalypse swinging ride. Take your seats and feel the exhilarating rush of being propelled skywards, and swinging back and forth at the mercy of gravity...

The Blade

It looks like The Blade has now closed for the season due to maintenance issues and is currently being stored backstage.

Whilst the park have stated it is closed 'for resharpening', which seems to suggest they are hoping to reopen the ride, it is by no means certain that The Blade will swing again.
The Blade

The Blade first arrived at Alton Towers in 1980 and had its home in Fantasy World (currently X-Sector), simply known as The Pirate Ship. As you may have probably guessed, the ride was themed as a giant swinging pirate ship, like those of so many other parks.

However, in 1996 the ride disappeared, along with the rest of Fantasy World, in order to make way for Oblivion and X-Sector. It reappeared the following year over the other side of the theme park, with a whole new theme. Gone were the pirates, and instead the ride had become rusty with peeling paintwork, yellow and black hazard markings, and two huge metal blades on either end of the ship. This created a very daunting and hostile look - exactly as the park intended, because the ride was now in Forbidden Valley, and had been themed accordingly with its new name: The Blade.

The Blade sits in a sunken pit which used to house Thunder Looper. Whilst onlookers may think the ride looks fairly tame, do not be fooled! The ride is much more thrilling than first meets the eye, due to the deceptive height.

The Blade

In 2015 The Blade was at the centre of a rumpus when it did not feature on the park map fuelling speculation that it would be removed. Alton Towers later confirmed that the ride was due to be leaving though would continue to operate for the first part of the season. Following The Smiler incident however plans to remove the ride in 2015 were shelved but get your rides in whilst you can as it looks likely the ride will be departing sooner rather than later.

Attraction Stats

Ride Length
1:30 (approx)
1800 riders per hour
Ride Capacity
45 riders


Opened as Pirate Ship in Springfield Centre
Became part of Fantasy World
March 1997
Became The Blade in Forbidden Valley

Attraction Extras

No standard Fastrack available
Opens for Early Ride Time
No souvenir photo available

Attraction RestrictionsMore information on height restrictions...

Minimum Height

Unaccompanied Height

Attraction Facts

Huss Park Attractions
Pirate Ship
Also Known As
Pirate Ship (1980 - 1996)


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