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Alton Towers withdraws lodge style accomodation plans

Thursday 16 May 2013 16:42
Updated 13th July 2019

Plans submitted for an alternative ‘lodge’ style accommodation for the Resort expected in 2014 have today been officially withdrawn by Alton Towers.

The proposed development, being named as the Alton Towers Resort Village in the documents was planned to feature 150 accommodation units to be built and landscaped on the current site of the overflow car parks near to the existing traditional bricks and mortar hotels.

The plans showed a number of different styles of unit that would have been featured on the site ranging from ‘double lodges’ to ‘holes’.  The Holes would have slept 4 people, whereas each of the lodges would have slept 5. The site also featured plans for water play areas and water features.

The application was originally penned in to be considered in February but had never been considered in front of the planning committee at Staffordshire council, with speculation suggesting that the decision still may not have been one that was expected by the Resort which has now led to the withdrawal of the application officially.

A spokesperson from Alton Towers commented on the matter saying:

“Alton Towers Resort submitted a planning application in November 2012 for a two-phase themed lodge-style development to the north of the existing Hotels.

However, even though future expansion of the Resort’s accommodation remains a priority within the long term plan, a decision has now been made not to pursue this particular type of development at the current time and these plans have therefore been withdrawn.”

It is unknown at this time what other alternatives are under consideration for additional accommodation for the Resort, however permission granted in 2006 for plans to extend the Alton Towers Hotel with additional rooms is still active after an extension until August 2016, suggesting the Resort may look to such extensions as an alternative.