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Supports arrive on-site for rumoured CBeebies coaster

Saturday 17 January 2015 14:24
Updated 18th March 2015

TowersStreet have visited Alton Towers today and found an unusual delivery around the back of CBeebies Land. A number of supports and stairs have arrived, which are likely to be part of the rumoured children’s rollercoaster which is currently being constructed on the site of the former children’s rollercoaster, The Beastie.

These developments are further to the news we reported two weeks ago, that the former site of The Beastie was currently a building site with new foundations being laid.





The new rollercoaster is likely to be an expansion to CBeebies Land, leaving Sonic Spinball as the only ride left in Adventureland (Which also included the Space Adventures play area up until it’s removal this winter).

We will be reporting any further developments with the project as they are released, Alton Towers Resort are yet to confirm the addition of this new attraction for 2015.