Following a visit to the park as part of the resort’s Festive Breaks event, TowersStreet has noticed construction work ongoing where The Beastie was located in Adventure Land. The park’s former children’s coaster closed in 2010 and remained in it’s location fenced off from guests until it’s removal before the 2013 season kicked off. The Space Adventure play equipment, which was previously located in front of The Beastie’s former home has also been removed.

At present, there’s no official word on when a new attraction will be coming, but it has long been rumoured that a coaster would eventually be brought in to replace The Beastie. A new attraction would fill a massive gap left in the ride lineup since The Beastie’s closure as the park’s only children’s coaster over 4 years ago. With the success of 2014’s new addition CBeebies Land located right next to the site, it’s also possible that any new attraction would form part of an extension.

Pictures taken today (Friday 2nd January) appear to show new concrete foundations have been laid along with a construction fence, which has replaced the large blue steel fence which previously blocked off the area.

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