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Virtual queueing mooted for 2021

Tuesday 9 February 2021 20:40
Updated 30th March 2021

Following the postings of job opportunities on the Merlin Careers website, it appears that Alton Towers Resort could be looking into trying a virtual queuing system for the 2021 theme park season.

The job description in question mentions under the “main responsibilities” section: “Being the point of contact for any guest queries or feedback regarding Virtual queuing or the Resort Box Office operation.” and “Ensure all rental devices attributed to Virtual queuing are well maintained, fully operational, signed in and out daily with any damages/concerns reported to the Commercial Sales manager.”

It’s anticipated that visitors to the theme park will be able to use the Alton Towers Resort App, or similar web-based service to reserve a time to ride an attraction, as well as using the “rental devices” aforementioned in the job description. Normally with virtual queuing systems these timeslots are based roughly on the length of time one would expect to wait in the normal line. While “in line” guests are free to wander the park and may choose to enjoy other attractions that are not using the virtual queueing system. However, they must ensure that they return to the reserved attraction within the time window to be granted access.

Similar systems have been in use at other parks for some time, such as Disney with their Fastpass+ system. However, in 2020 many more attractions introduced systems of this nature in an attempt to reduce the number of people standing in line to better facilitate social distancing.

This would not be the first time Alton Towers has put a virtual queuing system in place. During the early 2000s the park ran its Virtual Queue system which was available for free on Nemesis, Air, Black Hole, The Flume and more. This service was free of charge and was later replaced with the paid Fastrack system that we see in place today.

Details are currently few and far between, but we’ll be sure to update you as and when we hear more. Watch this space!

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