Fans of Nemesis might want to get their rides in whilst they can in 2022, after Alton Towers submitted plans for the replacement of much of the track and supports for the long-established rollercoaster.

Plans submitted to Staffordshire Moorlands Council this week show the park wish to:
• Replace parts of the coaster track
• Replace 89 of the 117 supports
• Remove and replace 636 bolts
• Carry out maintenance to the rides station building and theming
• Strengthen certain footers and foundations of the ride.

The classic B&M rollercoaster opened back in 1994 in Forbidden Valley and quickly became a fan favourite not just in the UK but across the world. Part of the coaster’s appeal comes from its unique setting, buried deep into a purpose made quarry, but building a ride into a pit came with its own challenges and has ultimately contributed to the original version of the ride nearing the end of its life.

Fans of the ride can rest assured though, that during the re-build the park and designers haven’t been tempted to alter the classic layout or add any new elements to the winning formula. The ride’s layout and appearance will remain almost exactly the same once the work has finished, with the notable exception of a few foundations, which will be strengthened or expanded to address some common maintenance issues.

In fact a large section of the current ride will remain in place, with the original track remaining all the way from the brake run through to the top of the lift hill; areas where the track has not received the same wear and tear as the rest of the course.

The re-track will not only ensure that modern safety standards are maintained, but introduce some innovations that weren’t available in 1994. Possibly the most significant of these modernisations will see the track filled with sand, improving the running on the ride and reducing noise levels, which may see the famous Nemesis “roar” dampened somewhat.

However, the look and feel of the ride will retain its classic appearance and, other than minor repairs and touching up, the ride’s station, maintenance building, photo kiosk and entrance portal will remain the same. We can also expect the Mushroom Cloud Luxury Tours company to continue excursions well into the future.

The plans gave no indication about when the work would be carried out or when the ride would reopen. But, if you are looking to get one last ride in before the refurbishment gets underway, we would err on the side of caution and make sure you get to Alton Towers this year to secure your ride on the beast in her original form.

How are you feeling about such significant work on one of the park’s most iconic coasters? Do share your thoughts in our forum, where a vigorous debate is already well underway. And, of course, stick with TowersStreet for all the latest on Nemesis’ re-track as we get it!