This week, the park have released new concept art for the three new attractions that are being added to CBeebies Land in 2022 as part of a more signifiant revamp of the area.

Hey Duggee’s Big Adventure Badge Concept Art

Hey Duggee’s Big Adventure Badge will take over the site formerly home to the Tree Fu Tom Training Camp. The overhaul of the area’s outdoor playground has seen much of the Training Camp’s play equipment (along with the remaining elements of the Dung Heap) removed to make way for the Squirrel Club’s Clubhouse and other exciting new equipment.

As an additional treat for Hey Duggee fans, he will also be getting a new show in Big Fun Showtime where he will be earning The Map Badge.

Jojo & Gran Gran at Home Concept Art

A little slice of St Lucia will be arriving in the corner of CBeebies Land where Charlie and Lola once lived. Gran Gran has moved in and has invited everyone around to explore her new house in Jojo & Gran Gran at Home.

Andy’s Adventure Dinosaur Dig Concept Art

Here at TowersStreet we have been following construction around the old Tree Fu Tom and Charlie and Lola attractions since the start of the closed season, but the new concept art also confirms the expectation that Mr Bloom’s Allotment will be making way for Andy’s Adventure Dinosaur Dig.

Much of the former show’s infrastructure will be reused for the new show, with Andy appearing in the artwork via the video screen on the side of the show building. It remains to be seen, however, what the show itself will be like and whether it will reuse the Mr Bloom set, or possibly introduce elements from the Andy’s Adventure Dino Mobile, which has been roaming around CBeebies Land since 2018.

Other concept art for the new show focuses on the interactive elements of the attraction, and it looks like Mr Bloom’s herb gardens will make way for a miniature dig site, where young guests can get stuck. It also seems like diggers will be unearthing souvenir coins to remind them of their dinosaur dig.

Andy's Adventure Dinosaur Dig concept art

The new attractions will form one part of the CBeebies Land revamp, that will also introduce an interactive ‘CBeebies Bug trail’ around the land as well as a refreshed entrance portal. Bing will also be getting a new show in Big Fun Showtime, as well as a set of new rooms at the CBeebies Land Hotel.

Stick with TowersStreet for more news as we get it about the park’s updates for 2022, or head over to our discussion forum to add your thoughts on the new additions for CBeebies Land.