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2018: Wicker Man - General Discussion - SPOILERS! - Part One

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I swear this time last year people were complaining The Flume was old and tired and needed to go.. I remember a quote "A poor, mind numbing example of a flume."

People have been saying that for years. I always really liked The Flume, yet amongst enthusiasts I felt like I was the only one.
I enjoyed it, but apart from the indoor section, nothing really stood out, I prefer travelling flumes, and the flume seemed like a slow meander which got boring pretty quickly.
Travelling flumes...?!? Have to disagree there.

But I guess whatever floats your boat.
Enthusiasts as a whole disregard flumes, I myself am no great fan, but the public love them!!

Most people would expect to find one at a park the size of AT. Of course, the now 35 year old trough track at the park is waaaaay overdue going to the scrap heap but if the footers are already in the woodland it just seems a totally lost opportunity to build a new structure surely? They could even cut out the meandering sections without needing to dig new footers. Imagine a ride like Chiapas weaving in and out of the proposed woodie? Modern flumes don't even need a clunky turntable either, so space would be no issue.

Alas, it's Merlin. Never going to happen.
I also enjoy flumes, quite a lot. Particularly when they're done well!

Saying that enthusiasts as a whole disregard them is a strange thing to say. And, may I add, not true from my perspective at all.
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I think as a whole we disregard travelling flumes and older styles of flumes. Overall though, I think we like modern flumes (like Chipas), and the better flumes. I think the fact we live in England has a massive influence on our view of flumes, as they are only rideable on hot days. If not done well, flumes can be very boring. simply meandering around some trees for 7 minutes isn't exciting, regardless of how good that final drop is.
IIf not done well, flumes can be very boring. simply meandering around some trees for 7 minutes isn't exciting, regardless of how good that final drop is.

I quiet liked the log ride through the woods, nice and peaceful. However it was more exciting back in 1987 when they had those large fibreglass dinosaurs to look at and the sound of them roaring. :)

Anyone old enough to remember The "Banana Splits" ? Before I ever visited Alton, it was on here that first ever saw a log flume and Alton was my very first ever ride on one :)

I think looking more broadly it's simply a shame we are loosing variety at the park (even though were finally getting wood).

It seems to me that its this forum that doesn't like water rides very much rather than enthusiasts in general.
Like many have said over time, Alton really need a few more flat rides. I'm choosing to have faith that the current team would be looking into this seriously. It all comes down to budget though at the end of the day.
As much as I liked the flume it was a nice and chilled meandering through the woods (before the quacks), it had its time. I always ride a flume in a park, but I will always head for the coasters.

I think the woodie is a great move for the site and I hope/believe that Merlin pull off something special with sw8. Be it in story, theming, ride quality etc. I do really hope they go with the pirate theme as hinted and the signage.

As for a replacement flume I'm all for it, I think as story based ride will be built to make the ride appeal more to the modern audience. Like said before coaster corner would be a great site for one.
I do like water rides and actually preferred the Flume to the Rapids so I would like to see a Flume return to Alton Towers at some stage.
http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/alton-towers-sw8-what-know-11446851 said:
Wooden loopers have actually been around since 200 when Kings Island in Ohio unleashed ‘Son Of Beast’ - a giant wooden attraction with a loop at the centre.

Wow! ....I never knew looping rollercoasters have been around for so long...lol...:eek:
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The code master recreation looks amazing. If that's what we end up with its go an be a fun coaster. Seams more like the GCI's I've ridden.

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