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2018: Wicker Man - General Discussion - SPOILERS! - Part One

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Just a small update, the SW8 planning application is not on the agenda for the July planning committee meeting so we won't get a decision until mid-August at the earliest now.

I believe the planning application is for Flume removal as well as building the new coaster, so not yet I'd have thought.
According to TT FB page


Below text copied and pasted from the webpage

"Slightly amended plans have been submitted for SW8, the wooden rollercoaster proposed to open in 2018.

The new plans show a slight change to the pre-show, station, maintenance and shop buildings with 4 distinct areas now indicated taking up a slightly smaller amount of floor space then previously planned. Changes have also been made to the proposed queuelines, with the fastrack and disabled queues now being routed around the perimeter of the ride area, instead of interacting with the layout as before. Minor changes have also been made to the route of the main queue. There have been no changes to the main track, or planned theming features."
Not a secret weapon (or maybe it was), but hasn't that happened before? I'm sure towers have submitted applications for woodies in the past that have been declined.
Letters of objection received raising the following issues • Alton village already have to contend with high ride noise and screams from the theme park, mainly from The Smiler and Galactica which can be heard from one end of the valley to the other. A wooden rollercoaster would only add even more noise
emmm Galactica is now the most silent ride on park, the absent of people screaming is very disconcerting
That's also suggesting that both smiler and galactica screams are louder than oblivion's. Can see it still being granted regardless, these complaints are clearly from people who don't know the park (and therefore obviously haven't looked into it) or people who just dislike the park. I'd get it if the complaints were smiler and oblivion, but octanauts is louder than galactica.
With every development there are complaints of extra noise, or extra traffic (it becomes a bit of a broken record, really)... with this development in particular it's not exactly a huge ride and Towers are playing it very safe (small family ride with a small layout, not damaging much land and noise barriers all over the place).

It's a pretty inoffensive ride in every way possible.
When I strolled the Churnet valley footpath a few weeks ago, the only thing I could hear was the distant rumble of Nemesis, and ooh is sounded good, like angels dancing on the bass notes of a harp.
There is a little campaign group who oppose every towers application. Ironically the ones who live in Alton mostly moved there long after Nemesis was built and the rest live beyond Denstone so they must have fantastic hearing.

Ironically the Ropers are the only complainers I have seen who genuinely lived in the locality before it became as noisy and busy as it is now, that's not to say no one who dislikes the park hasn't been around for a while but most baffle me.

This development will have zero impact on noise for Alton Village, might have some impact on Farley though.
I doubt a tiny, heavily sound proofed coaster built on an existing ride site would impact anyone.

That intense 1200 ft long B&M wing rider I think they should build in the Air car park however......
Towers have good arguments for anything those who oppose it throw at them. If people say it will create noise, towers can just explain that it's sound proofed and that modern wooden coasters aren't that bad anyway for noise. People argue that it will create traffic, towers are building a new hotel extention that will encourage people to stay at the park.

And as far as I'm aware, it's only very few locals who oppose developments like this. Most actually want towers to succeed. The smiler crash had a massive negative impact on the locals who owned businesses that depended on visitors from towers.
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