Merlin Entertainments buyout completed

Discussion in 'European Parks and Attractions' started by Lurker, 23rd May 2019.

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    Disney have hated Merlin using Star Wars ever since they got Star Wars, and probably waited for the nearest opportunity to force Merlin to shut their attractions.
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    I can not confirm or deny anything, but from my understanding Disney have not been forcing other Star Wars attractions to close. What they have been doing is increasing the licencing costs year on year until it's no longer viable for any other Star Wars attractions to exist.
    And they charge per character. So if for example you have a platoon of Storm Troopers march through the park the licence is payed individually for each one.
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    But they added Star Wars at Madame Tussaud’s since the Lucasfilm takeover. I don’t quite see why Legoland is more of a threat than Madame Tussaud’s.

    But the Star Wars display opened in Windsor in 2012 so I would expect it to have 10 year lifespan. But the 8 years it lasted doesn’t seem unreasonable either.
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