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Restraints Smell

I’ve noticed a smell once when I went to Towers right after the main school trip season in the summer when it had been quite warm.

It was on The Smiler. Omg the pong coming out of those harnesses was disgusting. If I had thrown up on that ride it wouldn’t have been because of the amount of inversions it would have been due to having the BO of thousands of sweaty teenagers forced upon me. I think I asked about it on here and people were like “yeah that’s a thing” but I’d never noticed it before. Have noticed it a couple of times since but nowhere near as bad as that one time.
I think one of the problems is that restraints take a while to get shipped off to a company who can recondition them (restraints have a metal bar inside them meaning the foam has to be stripped off and then applied) according to ryan the ride mechanic there are only a few companies who specialise in this and restraints is a smaller part of their total busness meaning there is a long wait time for restraints to be sent off and returned
you probably start getting a concussion on the smiler then
Nah, it's a soft rubbery coating. But waterproof, rather than porous. And when it gets worn out, you can peel it off and put a new coat on. I've used it a few times for various costume props.
It might get quite expensive though, they'd probably need at least one whole can per restraint.
I am not aware on the engineering behind the restraint meterial, but I would assume there is a reason they don't paint them rarther than sending it off to a company to be revamped. Expecially when this place takes months to get the part back