Talbot Street Tuesday - 2021 edition


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Linoleum floor.
Formica is for tables and counter services, far too slippy for floors.
Used to sell very similar tiles in the family shop back in the sixties!Edit...I stand corrected, Formica now do flooring as well.
Mine of useless information.
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This week's Talbot Street Tuesday takes us back to a time when young guests were invited to explore a larger than life land, tucked away just behind the Towers. And it may not be the land you're thinking of...

Land of Make Believe was Tussauds first attempt at a kids' area in Alton Towers, and to celebrate its opening they declared 1993 to be 'Celebrate Children Year'. Every day of the season, kids could meet their favourite celebrities in the Land of Make Believe, such as Andi Peters, June Brown from EastEnders or various Gladiators. A new celebrity appeared every day, and they were heady, star-filled days indeed!

Were you lucky enough to meet any famous faces during Celebrate Children Year?



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Land of Make Believe was the best kids iteration of that area. The Victorian theme of the buildings still had some quality to them and the Ice Cream cone pillars in front of the cafe (was it a cafe back then?) will forever be etched in my memory.

Never met Andi Peters, but saw him on telly the other day. For a guy that used to present kids telly when I was kid, he's aged incredibly well. He'd give Rick Astley a run for his money in that regard.


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Roll up, Roll up. It's Talbot Street Tuesday and this week you're invited to the greatest show on earth!

For over thirty years, a Big Top was part of the Alton Towers skyline. Well, technically at least three different Big Tops... maybe more. The first version housed the parrot show in 1983, but the classic green and yellow tent arrived with the Circus Hassani in 1983.

In later years the Big Top became home to the ice spectaculars, with shows starring Henry Hound, Peter Rabbit and, everyone's favourite, Webmaster. But the venue closed at the start of 2006 and was eventually demolished to make way for Big Fun Showtime in CBeebies Land.

Do you have fond memories of this classic venue? What was your favourite show?



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It's Mardi Gras once again, and every day the event wraps up with a street party down on Towers Street.

But who remembers the original Towers Street Carnival, starring the Tweenies and, everyone's favourite, Henry Hound?

For today's Talbot Street Tuesday we're takin’ it to the streets, with a look back at the 2004-2005 season, when characters from across the park would descend on Towers Street at the end of each day to send guests on their way with a touch of magic.


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We wanted to be on trend for this week's Talbot Street Tuesday, but as far as we know, the Queen's never been to Alton Towers (unless you count the illustrated version in Gangsta Granny... which we don't).

So instead, we have the next best thing. It's nearly 35 years to the day since the Royal Family descended en masse for a right royal day out at the Towers.

That's right! Half the Queen's reign has occurred since The Grand Knockout Tournament was held at Alton Towers, back in June 1987.


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Who remembers when Alton Towers used to celebrate their own Jubilee, based on the year the house and gardens opened to the public, back in 1928?

This week for Talbot Street Tuesday, we find ourselves back in 1988 when the park added a bit of extra sparkle for their Diamond Jubilee.

Alas, there would be no Platinum Jubilee for Alton Towers because after Tussauds took over, the clock was reset with 1980 as the park's new opening year.