TS Fireworks Meet: Friday, 4th to Sunday, 6th November 2022


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It's back with a bang!

Our blockbuster fireworks meet is back over the three days of the event. Choose your accommodation (or not, if you're just joining us for the one day) and we'll see you on Friday evening, Saturday and/or Sunday!

Fireworks is a busy event at Alton Towers and you must pre-book a ticket - even if you are an annual pass holder.

If you will be attending, please RSVP.

See you there!

WHEN: Friday, 4th November 2022 - meet on the raised grassy area at the bottom of Towers Street from 6.00pm onwards for the show
WHEN: Saturday, 5th November 2022 - no meet-up time/point is arranged on this day. Please drop us a message on Facebook to get in touch but please note that on this day, the group generally won't be doing many rides and the park will be busy.
WHEN: Sunday, 6th November 2022 - meet outside Corner Coffee at 10am.


TS Team
I shall be there for all 3 days/nights, currently no plans to be stopping anywhere but you never know if anything pops up last minute!


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I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday, staying on resort both nights. Fireworks is always the highlight of the year for me, and I never miss one if I can help it. Given it’s my 30th birthday a few days later, I’m thinking of this as the start of celebrating it. :p

I’ll need to get my tickets sorted, which seems a bit confusing at the moment, given I only have an ATAP but am also on resort. Not seen anything yet where I’ll be able to get this sorted, but I’ll make enquiries.


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Unsure exactly when I'll be there, likely the Friday evening and the Sunday.


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After last year's mess, I can't stress enough to book your tickets for entry now.

Tickets did sell out for all days at different points leading up to the event. While on some occasions they did put them on sale again, it's entirely possible they could take them off sale as the event approaches. Don't go thinking you can do it later and fall foul of them going off sale!


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Yes remember Towers have started advertising Fireworks Sunday as the final day to ride nemesis so will be extremely busy.

Booked for Saturday and Sunday. Friday seems less likely to sell out instantly so will probably pre book that at some point closer to the time


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Glad I booked the chain oak on the Sunday night a long time ago!

Should probably book park tickets now before the nerds take them all.