What type of coaster are you?


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Zadra, Energylandia
Random choice of answers... but I'm a B&M Invert!

Gotta love B&M <3


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I'm a B&M Hyper - well-built, smooth, but ultimately a lot of people find me quite boring, so I suppose thats pretty much bang on :p


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The Metropolitan Line
I don't need to take a quiz, I know my results.

I am a Big Country Motioneering custom terrain coaster. I'm big, brutal, hardcore... And I don't give a damn if people love or hate me.


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That's a pretty fun & amusing little quiz.

I love how its so blatant what coaster the answer relates to... ;D

I would love to see what answers toofpikk put to get a Gerst :/ ;)

I got a B&M Invert anyway.

I think ill have a play and see what answers mean what.

EDIT - by doing my second closest answer I got an Intamin Blitz.


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Dizz, Bobby’s Yarn Land 🧶
Intamin Blitz

"Well done! You are an uncommon beauty with lots of zest and originality. Despite your parents problems with producing consistently good children, you are one who is making the family name proud."

Fairly acurate summary I'd say ;)


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Black Hole
Ah done it again, this time I'm a Gerstlauer launched Eurofighter :D

I'm rough, make people's heads hurt, no one likes me, yep that sounds like me. ;)