Bags & Luggage

Alton Towers has a number of options for those of you with bags, luggage and other things you might need to stow away on your escape to the resort.

Storing your bags with lockers

The park offers automated luggage lockers for storage of all items, big and small. There are a number of automated luggage locker points around the park, including:

  • Towers Street (next to the toilets by the turnstyles)
  • Dark Forest (by the Rita tunnel in the middle of the area)
  • X-Sector (located just up from the entrance to Oblivion)
  • Forbidden Valley (located in the shelter next to the Galactica lift hill)

These lockers are available in different sizes at different costs per hour period or per day. The rental cost is charged at the time of hiring, however if you take longer than paid for you must pay the additional rental cost before your locker is released.

These lockers may be opened freely at no additional cost and closed again for the duration of the paid for rental period. When you open your locker, you’ll be asked if you wish to keep it or not if you have rental time remaining.

The lockers are secured with your date of birth and a colour you select when you hire the locker, so don’t forget these as you will need to contact Guest Services to access your locker otherwise!

Bags on rides & attractions

There are a select number of rides and attractions that do not allow you to take bags, luggage or even any other loose articles with you – and these rides will have a free ‘baggage storage point’ for you to stow your items whilst you are riding.

These come in a few different forms – some rides may have a staffed bag store facility in the queue, where you’ll be given a wristband to collect the items once again after riding. Other rides offer a baggage cage/rack that you place your items into yourself when you board the ride. You then collect the items yourself at the end of your ride.

Some rides such as the Runaway Mine Train, Enterprise and The Blade will ask you to leave bags on the platform area. Rides such as Duel will ask you to take bags on the ride with you and can not be left anywhere, the water rides also have no bag storage facilities available at all. This means you will have to take all bags on the ride with you or consider leaving them with a non rider If you do not want to risk getting your belongings wet.

It’s worth noting that all methods of storage on rides offer no protection for your items, and although staff do their best to monitor the baggage stores the resort is ultimately not responsible for any theft or loss, particularly the latter mentioned bag racks which unfortunately potential thieves can pry upon bags and goods and easily snatch them away before you get to them – so take care with what you store.

Hotel guests?

If you’re lucky enough to be stopping at the resort hotels, you can take advantage of free bag & luggage storage at the hotels on the day of your stay and the day after – just check your luggage into the Porters Lodge in either hotel, or ask at reception for details.