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She's back with a vengeance

The time has come for Nemesis Reborn!

30 Years On: Nemesis Construction

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Nemesis, the park has today released previously unseen pictures from the iconic ride’s construction.

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An eye on Nemesis Reborn

Alton Towers have today revealed more insight into Nemesis Reborn, as the park confirm that the reimagined coaster is due to open on 16th March 2024.

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New flat ride planned for Forbidden Valley

Updated@8th Feb 2024 It looks increasingly likely that Nemesis Reborn will not be the only update to Forbidden Valley’s ride line-up as the park submit an application for a flat ride on the former Ripsaw site.

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Resort Status

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  • green Theme Park»
    The 2024 season here and Nemesis is Reborn, celebrating the ride's 30th season.

    Updated @ 16th Mar 2024
  • green Alton Towers Waterpark»
    Why not take a splash and treat yourself to a trip to this totally tropical hideaway.

    Updated @ 16th Mar 2024
  • green Alton Towers Hotel»
    Sir Algenon is currently welcoming guests into his humble abode.

    Updated @ 16th Mar 2024
  • green Splash Landings Hotel»
    The Paradise Plumbers have been at the pipes again and re-routed buckets of fun direct to the heart of Splash Landings!

    Updated @ 16th Mar 2024
  • green Cbeebies Land Hotel»
    A world of fun awaits for young guests going for a sleepover with their favourite CBeebies friends.

    Updated @ 16th Mar 2024
  • green Enchanted Village»
    The Fabled Folk area ready to welcome you to their woodland home, full of whimsy and charm.

    Updated @ 16th Mar 2024
  • green Extraordinary Golf»
    Why settle for a regular round of golf, when you can pitch and putt your way around your way through your favourite rides. Fore!

    Updated @ 16th Mar 2024