All Time Greats

In the Summer of 2011, Alton Towers launched a vote to discover which of their current coaster line-up was the All Time Great.

All Time Greats - Th13teen to WinEach of the park’s big five coasters launched a campaign to win the prize, with a manifesto for each ride appearing on the park’s website. Outside the entrance to each ride placards with themed slogans pleaded the case as well as dissing the rival attractions.

In case guests needed any convincing each of the ride teams put out videos in support of their ride and Neil & Christine Hamilton also popped up to share their views on each ride.

Having ridden each coaster and considered their manifestos, guests were then invited to vote for their favourite ride on the Alton Towers website.

King Nemesis – the winning campaign.

All Time Greats - King Nemesis is crownedNot entirely surprisingly, after a summer of campaigning, eventually Nemesis was crowned as the victor of the public vote.

The ride was crowned King Nemesis and a special sign was constructed for the ride to claim bragging rights for the rest of the season.