Chocolate Towers

Chocolate TowersFor two seasons from 2006-2007, Alton Towers celebrated Easter in style with Chocolate Towers. Originally conceived as an event to celebrate the opening of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the idea was soon spun out into a full event.

Despite running for only two seasons, Chocolate Towers is often fondly recalled as an fun and quirky addition to the resort’s line-up that ran during a part of the season where the park has not traditionally had events. No doubt all the free chocolate also helped fuel the event’s popularity. 


Chocolate Towers Logo 2006

Chocolate Towers erupted into the park for the time on 8th-23rd April 2006.

During its first season the event focused on originating new characters and ideas, such as Father Chocolate as an equivalent to Santa Claus. The spectacular centre piece of the event was Chocuvious, the park’s chocolate volcano, though the surprise break-out act was the Chocoholic Follies, who are often fondly recalled despite their all too brief tenure in the park.

The centre-piece of Chocolate Towers in 2006 was Chocuvious, the giant chocolate volcano that sat at the foot of Towers Street and erupted chocolate twice a day. The second eruption took place during the Candy Carnival, which featured a range of performers, including stilt walkers and dancing cupcakes, as well as Father Chocolate and the Chocoholic Follies.

The Chocoholic Follies took up residence in the Cred Street Theatre during Chocolate Towers. The larger than life show girls would perform three times a day, bringing some sweet tunes to the stage in their own inimitable style.

Fountain Square became Chocolate Square for the event and played host to the Easter Eggstravaganza. Guests could decorate their own egg before visiting Father Chocolate in his grotto, distributing treats from his throne. Throughout the day the Eggstra-ordinary Flight stunt show would also take place in the square.

The hotels also got in on the chocolatey action with the Conference Centre transformed into the Time Out Lounge, which featured a chocolate money casino. Meanwhile Splash Landings became home to the Chocolate Gunge Tank game show.


Chocolate Towers returned during 31st March-15th April 2007 with an almost unrecognisable line-up. Gone were Chocuvious, Father Chocolate and the Chocoholic Follies and in their place arrived Eggbert and a warren’s worth of Easter Bunnies.

Eggbert, a colourful roaming egg, joined the event as the official mascot but otherwise the 2007 event moved away from original characters and instead focused on the traditional character of the Easter Bunny and his helpers. There were also still plenty of opportunities to stock up on chocolate with almost all the attractions featuring chocolate give-aways as well as every guest getting a free Cadbury Creme Egg as they exited the Park.

This acrobatic band of bunnies roamed the event, wowing guests with street stunts. Four times a day they also starred in their own show in the big top at the bottom of Towers Street, during which The Barmy Bunny Brigade were recruited to save Easter by protecting all the chocolate from an evil bunny who wanted to steal it.

After each show, the Bunny Brigade were on hand to train up recruits who fancied their chances at becoming a bunny themselves. Guests were invited to take part in a series of fun games in the activity arena outside the big top, with the chance to win a sweet treat.

The mascot of Chocolate Towers was on hand throughout the day to meet and greet with guests, who wanted to take part in an Easter egg hunt with a twist – if you can find Eggbert on his travels he’ll give you a treat.

If you’ve ever wondered how the Easter Bunny creates so many chocolate eggs in time for Easter, take a tour of his warren and meet Dr Chocolate, who masterminds the whole enterprise.

This Easter maze took over the Emperor Suite in The Alton Towers and used the new infrastructure that had been purchased to power Room 13 and later The Boiler House scare mazes.

In Splash Landings Hotel, a bed made completely of chocolate was on display and available as a prize for one lucky guest. Ma Garitta’s also played host to the Chocolate Gunge Tank, the only attraction to remain from the 2006 event.