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Alton Towers News Roundup #6 – Scarefest, Skyride, SW7, and more!

Saturday 8 September 2012 6:33
Updated 7th July 2019

Fantastical Express Comes To An End

After several weeks of touring the UK Alton Towers’ Fantastical Express campaign has finished.

For six weeks the coach traveled around the UK to several towns and cities, picking local residents up along the way and taking them to the Alton Towers Resort. Locals were able to make their statements online as to why the Fantastical Express should come to their town, with a select few being chosen to make the trip.

The Fantastical Express visited Wolverhampton, Ashby, Todmorden, Chester, and finished its journey in Milton Keynes.

Sir Algenons Bar and Grill Closes

You may remember a few weeks ago when TowersStreet reported that a new restaurant by the name of Sir Algenons Bar and Grill opened up in the Conference Centre. This was presumably done to ease strain on the other resort restaurants during the busy summer period.

The restaurant, which offered meals similar to those offered by Woodcutters Bar and Grill in the theme park, served its final diners last weekend (1st – 2nd September), with all traces of the eatery having gone by Monday morning.

It was hoped by some that the restaurant would remain, and become a permanent feature. This would have increased the variety of meals on offer for hotel guests, and also free up tables in the other three restaurants, Flambos Exotic Feast in Splash Landings Hotel, Emperors Grill, and the Secret Garden Restaurant, both located in the Alton Towers Hotel.

It is yet unknown if there are any plans to bring back Sir Algenons Bar and Grill in some form or alternative location, or another restaurant to replace it.

Flambos Exotic Feast Improve Value for Money

Flambos Exotic Feast, a buffet style restaurant in Splash Landings Hotel, have recently revised their menu in order to offer better value for money.

Previously, guests would pay £19.95 for all you can eat food from the buffet, but drinks were charged separately. This meant that for a lot of guests the bill could exceed £20 per adult.

However, an eagle eyed TowersStreet member has noticed that the restaurant now include soft drinks in the cost of the meal. This move has been very well received, and many are praising the restaurant for offering better value for money to their guests.

Skyride Experiences Prolonged Delay

Yesterday afternoon (7th September) the Skyride – a popular transport system located in the theme park – was reported to have stopped mid ride, according to TowersStreet members on park. While minor stops are a common occurrence in day to day operation, while wheelchairs and pushchairs board the ride, the Skyride was stopped for much longer than normal.

Reports from guests stranded on the ride began to appear on various social networking sites, claiming to have been trapped in the gondolas in excess of forty five minutes.

This is not the first time the ride has left guests stranded above the park. Last summer the Skyride had a similar situation, which left several guests hanging over the gardens for over an hour.

Alton Towers staff were able to get the ride up and running again later, with guests being able to disembark at approximately 5pm.

Scarefest Lineup Details Revealed

With Halloween and Scarefest upon us Alton Towers have released more info about the event on their website.

The park have confirmed that once again Scare Rooms shall be returning to the resort hotels. These are rooms within the existing Alton Towers Hotel which are given a creepy makeover. There are also many effects added to enhance the experience, and Alton Towers are warning on their website that by booking you allow performers to enter your room up until 2:00am, who will attempt to scare the occupants.

From information on Alton Towers’ website the theme and story for this year appears to be based loosely on the Field of 1000 Screams, a scare maze style attraction which took guests into the heart of cornfield maze, and sprung many spooky surprises upon them. This maze left the lineup in 2009, though its legacy appears to have lived on with these new scare rooms.

“Dare you check-in at The Altonville Motel?

The Altonville Motel cordially invites you to book into one of their delightful themed suites. Following the incidents surrounding the old McLynn farm, the Motel was shut in 2006. However, now under new management, the doors have reopened and await your arrival.

In a statement, the Motel management said ”We hope that people realise that what they may have heard about the Motel and the Surrounding areas is just local folklore. Any interested guests should book their rooms immediately to avoid bitter disappointment and if they book now, ‘special’ entertainment will be laid on for the lucky few.”

The Alton Motel Scarerooms is an extreme theatrical experience that will take place the moment you check in through till 2:00am. Including a 3 course dinner as a part of your night’s stay, please be aware that by booking this experience, performers will have access to your rooms and some of your personal data. We ask that you please pack appropriate footwear and clothing, as some of this experience will take place outdoors.”

Alton Towers have also added a new description for their new scare maze for 2012, The Sanctuary.

“Is life a burden? Are things getting you down? Then check yourself in for a refreshing check up at The Sanctuary.”

After lying dormant for almost 50 years, the doors have now reopened on the Ministry of Joy’s earliest establishment, ‘The Sanctuary’. So please, book your appointment, get yourself comfortable as the Dr will see you now…

Many are still speculating that this attraction will tie in with the 2013 Secret Weapon 7 roller coaster, and link in with the rides backstory. Alton Towers are yet to confirm or deny these beliefs.

Secret Weapon 7 Construction Continues

With the 2012 season continuing at speed and 2013 drawing ever closer construction is picking up pace on the site for the SW7 rollercoaster, with the delivery of several tonnes of steel.

For the past few months there has been a lot of work going on to transform the flat concrete slab where the Black Hole tent used to reside into a steep hillside, with an ever deepening pit forming at the bottom of the site.

On 6th September the first large batch of steel arrived on park. Though not parts for the ride itself there were vast amounts of steel cladding and reenforcing beams appearing, presumably to line the hole created by the construction team and form a retaining wall.

Work is also continuing on the lawns in front of the Towers. This is believed to be infrastructure work, connecting the new power supply and utilities to the site for the ride and effects to function.

As always we shall be bringing you all the latest news and developments from the Secret Weapon construction site on our SW7 Hub, and Talk forums.