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Almost time to SMILE?

Thursday 30 May 2013 18:29
Updated 3rd July 2013

After further delays and a cancelled opening of the new world first Alton Towers ride ‘The Smiler’, activity on the site has recently been busy with reported work going on with the additional construction of queue lines and protective roofs, adjustments to ride systems and other systems such as phones being installed as reported earlier by us.

However guests to the park have today reported a big difference on the site with little ‘major’ activity going on as well as some rather interesting changes that could be building up to an imminent opening of the new ride.

Guests found that The Smiler has been added to the park’s queue line information screens dotted around the park, with the ride obviously stated as being closed at this time. It was also noticed that most of the construction style fencing had been removed around the site, with just a smaller piece of fence and a staff member barricading the main entrance.

It was also reported that people were able to walk around a small area of the site near to the ‘Beat the Smiler’ game stall, and that the plastic protective wrap on the ride car restraints that has been seen on many of the videos and photos up until now was actually being removed at one point today.

The area music and Marmaliser effects have also been heard and seen testing today, which could all be alluding to the ride is finally nearing ready to open to guests very soon indeed.

With the excitement continually building and people eager to ride, the Resort have remained tight lipped about any further opening dates, and the official website still states that any opening news would be posted online when it is available. However some guests have reported via social media that staff from the Resort have been telling guests that it is expected the ride will open for ‘soft’ previews tomorrow (Friday 31st May) – of course presuming there are no further setbacks – but there has been no official response from the Resort to confirm or deny these rumours either.

‘Soft launches’ are often used by many parks to ensure the stability of rides, systems and procedures before announcing the grand opening to everyone, and it is a tactic that isn’t used by Alton Towers very often – however given the situation with a cancelled opening date and the issues up until this point, it may be an option the Resort is considering now especially during a potentially busy half term weekend ahead.

With rumours rife of the opening and all signs visually looking close to opening – the big question on everyone’s lips is… is it time for you to SMILE?

We’ll bring you more as we get it…. ALWAYS.


Twitter is bustling with rumours of impending opening…