11/04/2015 - A slightly daft day out :)

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    So, a friend and I decided we fancied a trip to Towers over our Easter break from college, and decided yesterday would be a good day for both of us. I was a bit sceptical (Saturday, in the holidays!) but actually, it wasn't that bad at all. I think the longest wait we had was 45 minutes or so for Sonic Spinball.

    We got to the park around 10.30, and headed straight for Marauder's Mayhem, which was great fun (we're both a little bit daft, and bring out the silly side in each other so there was a lot of laughter!) followed by a quick ride on Heave Ho.

    We then decided to walk down to the Rapids, where I got slightly bashed about - I was holding on with one hand, was holding my bag with the other and was sat alone on a pair of seats, so when we hit a bump, I got flung sideways a bit. I was fine, apart from getting drenched under the waterfalls! Then we headed for RMT, and had a great ride, as usual. Love the fact they're using the hashtag #choochoo now, and you can get t-shirts with it written on!

    We decided to do the Flume next, and so far we'd encountered no queues and had even had a Rapids boat to ourselves, and it was the same on the Flume. We got a bit daft again, shouting nonsense down the drops - was a bit sad to see the duck and the showers weren't working.

    Lunchtime next, and we found a place to eat the sandwiches and stuff we had with us - trying to save a bit of cash as I'm possibly working abroad this summer. Anyway, after that we went into Sealife, and I tested out the (very good) low light capability of my phone.

    We then wandered round to Sonic Spinball, where they seemed to be having some issues, and after about 45-50 minutes we were on - I haven't been to AT for a year or so, so the intensity of the ride caught me out a bit, but it was a nice warm up for the bigger coasters.

    Now, my friend Michaella has a brain that does not respond well to G-forces, so Sonic Spinball is about all she can handle in terms of intensity, so for the rest of the coasters, I was on my own. So we decided to wander round to CCL, and went via the Smiler queue, to have a look at the wait. It was only 30 minutes, but as I was on my own, I jumped in the SRQ and was on in 5. I really, really love the ride. It's insane, you lose all understanding of which way is up, and it's intense. I'm not sure if they've done anything, but I had a very smooth ride, and no aching shoulders today - unlike my last rides, when it was brand new. The 2nd half is still rougher than the first, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't as bad as when I first rode.

    After a quick ride on Twirling Toadstool, we wandered round Forbidden Valley, I got rides on Nemesis (front row), Air and Blade done. Can I just say - Air Tunnel!!! I thought I was seeing things (and amusingly, my first thought was "I wonder what TST will have to say about all this"!) I really like the blue lights, it's just what's needed. Then we headed over to Duel.

    To find it closed. This was a bit of a disappointment - I've never known it to be down, in around 10 years of visiting, so this was a real shock.

    We then spent a bit of time in the arcades and playing games around the Mutiny Bay area, as well as another go on Marauder's Mayhem, before having a look in Towers Trading, and having a bit of fun squirting riders of Battle Galleons from the pathway - they got us back though so we ended up quite wet even though we didn't go on the ride! After this, it was time to go home.

    So, ride count:
    Air x1
    Nemesis x1
    Blade x1
    Smiler x1
    Rapids x1
    Sonic Spinball x1
    RMT x1
    Flume x1
    Twirling Toadstool x1
    Marauders Mayhem x2
    Heave Ho x1

    It was a great day, and we're hoping to go back for Scarefest :)
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    Posted 12th Apr 2015
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    Untamed, Walibi Holland
    Glad you had a good day! It's always nice to go to Towers and have a meander round, doing whatever takes your fancy, and not concentrating on getting a high ride count.

    Posted 12th Apr 2015

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