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2022 Trip Plans

Dependent on my work situation, I might be able to squeeze a few more trips in at some point. Desperate to hit 200 credits this year and tick off one of my other goals that I want to accomplish before I turn 30 in November (already accomplished one with my new computer).
Should be over in Europe for a week at the end of August ticking off a few of the bigger parks I've not been to before.

Would love to book a few other trips to cities I'd love to visit with nearby theme parks but the constant flight cancellations is really off-putting at the moment.
Because of work stuff, I sadly can't go to more big trips (two parks or more) this year. Buuut I'm planing to go to Phantasialand in december during Winterfest. I'm getting quite excited about it, because it will be the first time I can do night rides.

Spontaneous visit sometime this year: my "homepark" is Karl's Erlerbnisdorf Elstal. They have one well themed kiddi coaster. I guess this ride is my most ridden coaster. Other big parks are much further away so that is what I got ^^"

How does the abc coaster ride? Never done on of their coasters.
I’ve been lucky enough to get to a few different parks around the country this year so far and I’ve got my first overseas theme park trip coming up next month to Walibi Belgium. Well, I did actually go to Disneyland Paris about 20 years ago but I can’t even remember too much about it (apart from the original Jules Verne inspired Space Mountain being pretty decent as well as Big Thunder Mountain) as it was well before I was actually in to this hobby. We may even get a quick visit in to Drievleet Family Park as well as my flight to Schipol is early in the morning and I’ll have some time to kill before checking in to my hotel and visiting WB the next day.

I’m also considering doing a quick overnight solo trip somewhere. I’m looking for a European park that is nice and easy to get to by public transport at a destination that is fairly inexpensive to travel to. I think the most likely candidate is Walibi Belgium. Eurostar are doing fares from £39 one way to Brussels so that would certainly fit the budget criteria and be an easy quick journey. Liseberg would have been another choice but I’m looking to go there next year instead on a family trip with my children. There’s also the possibility of doing a quick family trip to Dublin and Tayto Park maybe at October half term to check it out before the 2023 rebrand.
Less than two weeks until I go to Orlando for 3 weeks, after past few years can’t wait and first time back abroad since 2019, plus longest trip as only been for two weeks in the past.

Plans all in place now and have split stay saying on-site at Universal (Cabanna Bay) and Disney (Coronado Springs). Will be visiting all Universal parks, all Disney parks and Seaworld and Busch Gardens. Not planning fun stop has have done the white lightening before and have enough to keep us busy with the main parks.

New stuff since last Orlando trip in 2018 includes- Hagrids, velicoaster, Bourne stunt show, ice breaker, Tigris, Iron Gwazi, ratatouille, Guardians of the galaxy cosmic rewind, rise of the Risistance and Micky and Minnie runaway railway. Galaxy edge and smugglers run also new but got to experience those in California in 2019. Plus lots of new night time shows.

Fave Orlando ride is Flight of passage will be intersting to see if any of the new rides become my new fav! Just hoping the mummy reopens soon as that’s one my all time favs. It’s close to opening as the construction walls all now removed and exit shop reopened, so looks ready to go anytime soon.