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[2024] Nemesis Reborn - Update Timeline

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As we head toward the 2023 season, it's clear there's going to be a lot of updates, speculation and discussion about Nemesis. The last few weeks has shown that some people love to speculate off the back of these updates, others just want to see what's going on.

So, for my sins I've spent the last few hours getting together as much of the factual information from our own social media, website and from member's posts in this very forum and collated them into one topic (I regret everything). The aim is to have a timeline of aggregated factual updates on how the Nemesis re-track project has progressed since the application for a Certificate of Lawfulness was applied for back in January last year.

Where the information has been fetched from member's posts in the Nemesis topic, I've credited them and linked to the original post as well as the source of the information (website, YouTube, social media) where necessary. That way those who want to talk about the updates can do so in the discussion topic. To try and keep things accurate, the dates listed for some updates may refer to the date the photos were taken rather than the date the information was posted to the forum.

This post will remain locked, and over the course of the next year or so the team will automatically collate the factual updates within the main Nemesis topic and continually add them here. As well as making it easier for people to take a quick look at what's going on, it should also end up being a really handy thing to look back on to see how the project progressed. The updates obviously won't appear here immediately, we all have day jobs after all - but we'll be checking every day or so and adding to the topic as time goes on.

Just to clarify though, this does not mean that the discussion topic is to become a free for all. The same rules still apply - a reminder of the basics:
  • If you're posting image updates from elsewhere - please obtain permission to post them, otherwise you should be linking to their website/social media. You should also properly credit them.
  • In all cases of posting videos, images or links to news articles, please ensure you are adding your own views. We are of course first and foremost a discussion forum.
  • Speculation is fine, but keep it sensible. If you've made your views clear on what you'd like to see in the past, they do not need to be repeated again and again.
  • The odd joke is fine, but please - don't overdo it and ruin the flow of the topic.
  • If you see something which is against the above, please don't start to get involved in backseat moderating, use the report button and the team will review it and take action if necessary.
We've split the past updates into different posts representing different stages of the project. The aim for 2023/start of 2024 is to have a post for each month with the updates contained within. You can click the links below to go to the relevant section, with the blue arrow on each post bringing you back up here:

The Planning and Speculation Stages (Jan '22-Aug '22)

Closure Confirmed and Final Rides (Sep '22-Nov 6th '22)

Work Begins (Nov 7th '22-Dec '22)

January 2023

February 2023

March 2023

April 2023

May 2023

June 2023

July 2023

August 2023

September 2023

October 2023

November 2023

December 2023

January 2024

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The Planning and Speculation Stages ⬆️

21st January 2022​

Application for a Certificate of Lawfulness is submitted to Staffordshire Moorlands District Council. This isn't a full planning application, just a request for the planning authorities to confirm that the work can legally go ahead without a formal planning application needing to be made.
Planning Application | Posted by Matt N

24th January 2022​

Application documents appear on the Staffordshire Moorlands Planning website. The work consists of:
  • Replace parts of the coaster track, which will now be sand filled to deaden the noise. The lift hill, station and brake run track will remain
  • Replace 89 of the 117 supports
  • Remove and replace 636 bolts
  • Carry out maintenance to the rides station building and theming
  • Strengthen certain footers and foundations of the ride
TowersStreet News Article | Posted by s_g_k

23rd March 2022​

The Certificate of Lawfulness is granted by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council
Posted by AT86

17th June 2022​

Reports that the intention is for Nemesis to remain closed across the entirety of the 2023 season and to reopen in 2024
Posted by Astrodan

13th August 2022​

In a Q+A with John Wardley at the the TowersTimes@20 birthday event, with the Nemesis re-track still not officially confirmed, he discussed the planned changes to the ride
John Wardley said:
There’s nothing I would do to change the profile of that ride. Yes, times have moved on in terms of technology, so there will be changes made. But you can rest assured the ride as you know it will not change. It will still be the same thrilling ride, it’ll ride as smooth as it ever did on the day it opened. It will be as fast or even faster than ever, and so you don’t need to worry about Nemesis. Nemesis is save I think for another 30 years
YouTube Video | Posted by Steve74
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Closure Confirmed and Final Rides ⬆️

21st September 2022​

The closure of Nemesis is confirmed. The coaster will close on Sunday 6th November, the final day of the 2022 season. In social media posts and marketing emails, Alton Towers stated this is "By Order of The Phalanx". The post does not state that the ride is reopening, which brought a lot of confusion in the comments by those who believed the ride was going to be permanently closed rather than re-tracked. Elsewhere, posters had appeared overnight in multiple locations across the park advertising the closure.
TowersStreet News Article | Original News of the closure posted by TomW | Posters seen on park posted by Skyscraper

13th October 2022​

An article in The Times by travel writer Oliver Smith gives a non-enthusiast view of Nemesis. It also confirms a ballot will be held for the last ride when it closes on 6th November
The Times Article | Posted by AT86

18th October 2022​

A competition for guests to be on the last ride of Nemesis on 6th November is officially announced by the park.
TowersStreet Update | Nemesis Last Ride Webpage | Posted by jon81uk

27th October 2022​

Reports that track fabrication has been taking place in the USA at Clermont Steel Fabricators, with work now almost complete
Posted by DistortAMG

2nd November 2022​

Alton Towers advise in a tweet that the Nemesis queue will cease operating at 10pm on 6th November. The queueline will close at 9pm or earlier, depending on demand
Alton Towers Tweet | Posted by Skyscraper

3rd November 2022​

A press release from Alton Towers confirms that an "Phalanx investigation" will commence around Nemesis at 7pm on the 6th November. There would also be an announcement after the park's final Firework display at 7:30pm on the lawns.
TowersStreet Update

BBC Midlands Today reports on the closure of Nemesis
Youtube Link to short report | Youtube Link to extended report | Posted by Skyscraper

The ECC post archive pictures of Walter Bolliger and Claude Mabillard in front of Nemesis during the ride's construction
ECC Twitter | Posted by Alsty

4th November 2022​

John Wardley appears on 5 Live Drive to discuss Nemesis
Twitte short clip | Full Interview on Youtube | Posted by AT86

Drone footage of Nemesis from Friday 4th November is posted
Youtube | Posted by Dan

6th November 2022 - The Final Day​

As Alton Towers opens for the final day of the 2022 season, the park post a teaser video reminding guests that the Nemesis Investigation commences tonight
Twitter | TowersStreet Update | Posted by Mc-Coy

Over in Forbidden Valley, theming elements have popped up around Nemesis, with posters displaying a QR code and what appear to be RAL colour codes. Speculation mounts about the potential for a colour changes to the ride
Twitter | Posted by James Watkins

As the third and final Fireworks Spectacular of 2022 concludes, an public announcement by the Phalanx is made. They confirm that Nemesis is closing due to her abnormal behaviour. The video depicts hazmat suit clad characters appearing to take samples.

As guests head to Forbidden Valley for their final rides, Phalanx characters are seen around the ride carrying jars and swabbing guests.
@thl3teen on Twitter | TowersStreet Twitter | Posted by Skyscraper

With the queueline closed, guests wait around to see the final train be dispatched. The train features John Wardley, Merlin's Creative Lead John Burton and the red boiler suit clad winners of the last ride competition
Posted by Alastair

Footage and photos of the last ride
@owenjcornelius Twitter | @ThrillPix Twitter | Posted by James Watkins
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Work Begins ⬆️

7th November 2022​

The morning after the night before. work begins immediately around the resort, with welfare cabins and plant arriving on site
Posted by Poisson

A video is released by the park featuring voxpops with fans, John Wardley and the park's Head of Guest Excellence.
Youtube | Posted by Skyscraper

Alton Towers release a video recorded on closing night featuring a news report on the ride's closure
Twitter | Posted by OButler

12st November 2022​

While Alton Towers is officially closed to the public, the park held a "buy-out" weekend for the annual Run Alton Towers event. Although the music is still blaring in Forbidden Valley, construction fences have already been erected around the site
TowersStreet Twitter

13th November 2022​

With the Run Alton Towers weekend continuing, TowersTimes reports the wheel covers have already been removed from the ride's trains
Twitter | Posted by Skyscraper

23rd November 2022​

The first pictures appear of the ride's track being dismantled
Twitter | Posted by Skyscraper

24th November 2022​

TowersStreet posts a further picture of track stored in the Galactica car park
Twitter | Posted by djtruefitt

26th November 2022​

Theme Park Worldwide post a vlog from Alton Towers giving an update on the ride's dismantling
YouTube | Posted by QTXAdsy

Further drone pictures give an aerial view of the work taking place
Posted by Danny

A post on reddit shows black inverted coaster track outside of Clermont Steel Fabricators in Ohio. The plant is known for manufacturing B&M's coaster track. Although taken from a distance, it appears the track is glossy black, indicating a final finish rather than primer. With no other coasters under construction at present, speculation mounts that a track colour change could be coming.
Reddit | Posted by zeock

4th December 2022​

TowersStreet posts an update on social media showing track in the compound waiting to be taken away

Aerial footage of progress on site is posted by Squadding Quads on YouTube
YouTube | Posted by Dobba

6th December 2022​

A closeup of one section of removed track reveals the signatures of those involved with the initial construction of the ride
Posted by djtruefitt

11th December 2022​

A further aerial update from Danny shows progress on the site
Posted by Danny

17th December 2022​

An update posted on TowersStreet socials shows the helix has now been completely removed

24th December 2022​

Wildcat Coasters post further pictures from Clermont Steel Fabricators showing unpainted invert track
Twitter | Posted by DistortAM

30th December 2022​

A post from Theme Park Insanity on Facebook shows an overview of work taking place at Alton Towers, including the compounds being used for the Nemesis retrack
Facebook | Posted by SMT_

31st December 2022​

TowersTimes reports on photos from Instagram which show finished painted invert track at Clermont Steel Fabricators. The track is a gloss black colour, with some speculating the writing on it indicates it is intended for Nemesis
Twitter | Posted by Trooper Looper
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January 2023 ⬆️

1st January 2023​

A further video from the same Instagram user that took the photos shows further footage of the track stored at Clermont Steel Fabricators. It also features a closeup of the shipping labels, with a coding format that indicates the track is for Nemesis
Instagram | Posted by Matt N

A video from the YouTube account Squadding Quads shows that track has been sent to a scrapyard in the region to be crushed and recycled
YouTube | Posted by Steve74

8th January 2023​

A further video on YouTube by Squadding Quads shows that track removal has accelerated again, with mainly only the pit and a small part of the turnaround from the lift hill remaning
YouTube | Posted by zeock

10th January 2023​

The top section of the loop is photographed being removed
Twitter | Posted by Steve74

11th January 2023​

A further video from the scrapyard where the old Nemesis track is being transported
YouTube | Posted by WillWilts

13th January 2023​

Squadding Quads have been out with their drone again taking footage of the loop now lying dismantled by the car park exit barriers
YouTube | Posted by DistortAMG

15th January 2023​

Aerial image update from Danny
Posted by Danny

21st January 2023​

Photo update from TowersStreet Team
Posted by Craig

23rd January 2023​

Aerial photo from @ThemeParkJackk on Twitter with an overview of the site showing all track removed
Posted by Smidgey

29th January 2023​

Photo by TowersStreet showing footers waiting to be installed

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February 2023 ⬆️

3rd February 2023​

Image from Facebook showing track departing the manufacturing plant
Posted by Skyscraper

5th February 2023​

Photo update from TowersStreet showing some track still remaining on site
TowersStreet Update

15th February 2023​

Image from @djtruefitt showing trademark submission for the name "Nemesis Reborn"
Posted by djtruefitt

25th February 2023​

Image update from @djtruefitt showing a fence being built around the site in preparation for the new season
Posted by djtruefitt

26th February 2023​

Image update from TowersStreet showing the construction compound. The track which was previously there has now been removed from the site with the exception of some pieces of rails
TowersStreet Update
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March 2023 ⬆️

3rd March 2023​

The ramp which was previously believed to be part of Sub Terra's reworked queue line could potentially be a viewing platform to allow guests to see the ride's construction progress
themeparkjackk Instagram | Posted by @djtruefitt

5th March 2023​

TS Facebook update showing a fence now surrounds the construction site, with updated Phalanx posters.

Shot blasting has been taking place on the areas of track which have are not scheduled to be replaced.
TT on Twitter | Posted by @Skyscraper

13th March 2023​

The park map has been updated to include the construction crane and missing track
Posted by @CoasterFan

17th March 2023​

New Phalanx signage appears on the construction walls surrounding the ride
Posted by @Dobba
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April 2023 ⬆️

13th April 2023​

An email is sent to those on the mailing list regarding a "Phalanx Database Upload"
Posted by @Poisson

18th April 2023​

A picture of a safety tag confirms that the scaffolding beside Sub Terra is a viewing platform for Nemesis construction
Posted by @ML27 | @SawTheDie on Twitter

21st April 2023​

A further marketing email is sent confirming the observation platform will be opening on 26th April
Posted by @Danscott22

25th April 2023​

Signs are spotted being put up on the walls alongside the observation platform
Posted by @Danscott22

A new teaser showing what "the Phalanx don't want you to see" is posted on the Alton Towers social media accounts. The video shows a glimpse at the new black Nemesis track, complete with red veins along it.
Posted by @Danscott22 | @Altontowers on Twitter

Supports are pictured in the resort's car parks
Posted by @Trooper Looper | @phalanxz_ on Twitter

Some Nemesis track is spotted locally in Cheadle. The lorry is Phalanx themed and is similar to the one seen in the video posted by the resort earlier today
Posted by @Dobba | @altonmanor on Twitter

TowersTimes post images of multiple trucks lined up in the resort car parks, complete with Phalanx operatives guarding the new track. With a Phalanx themed jeep also in view, it appears a new video was being filmed.
Posted by @Dobba | @TowersTimes on Twitter

26th April 2023​

A new video from this morning showing new track and supports parked up in the resort's car parks
Posted by @BarryZola | AltonTowersMemories on YouTube

A further short video from Barryzola showing the new observation platform
Posted by @BarryZola

Nemesis goes vertical with new supports now installed
Posted by @Rob | TowersStreet Facebook

More Nemesis track is spotter arriving at the resort toward the end of the day
Posted by @Morgan Price | @morganowenprice on Twitter

Tayspru produced their own mock up of the ride including the newly design track and a station colour change
Posted by @tayspru

27th April 2023​

Track has now been installed on the ride's final turn into the brake run
Posted by @Danny | @gingernbrown on Twitter

A video from The Phalanx is released on Alton Towers' social media accounts. It shows the new track arriving at the resort in themed trucks and Phalanx personnel posing in front of it.
Posted by @Steve74 | @altontowers on Twitter

A press release from Alton Towers shows Phalanx operatives inspecting the new track before installation that evening
TowersStreet Facebook

Further photos taken from the park showing the installed track on the final turn
Posted by @Dobba | @themeparkguide on Twitter

29th April 2023​

Drone footage shows an overview of the site and newly installed track and supports
Posted by @Danny
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May 2023 ⬆️

3rd May 2023​

More track and supports are parked up in the car park ready for installation that evening
TowersStreet Facebook

@Danscott22 spots that the webpage for the Phalanx public announcement has been updated with information on the observation platform, but also has random graphical glitches showing when browsing.
Posted by Danscott22 / screenshots from @s_g_k | Phalanx announcement website

A blog was posted about the new track arriving by Alton Towers
Posted by @Alsty | Alton Towers Blog

4th May 2023​

Overnight stencilled images have appeared on the construction fences around Nemesis. These show the same graphics which were seen on The Phalanx announcement webpage yesterday
Posted by @Danny | @Sanctuarynurse on Twitter | @themeparkguide on Twitter

8th May 2023​

Some minor station work has been seen, with holes being made in the fibreglass shell of the monster
Posted by @Connor98 | @EyeCoaster on Twitter

11th May 2023​

Work continues around the pit area
Posted by @Morgan Price

On leaving Rollercoaster Restaurant, @Andrew S spots a crane waiting to install new sections of track
Posted by @Andrew S

17th May 2023​

Feeder motors and brake run parts are seen loaded onto a trailer in the park's car park, either for refurbishment and painting to take place or removal for replacement.
Posted by @Earthwürm

18th May 2023​

More track pieces are spotted over in the car park ready for installation
Posted by @jamie peters

19th May 2023​

More pictures of track pieces sitting in the car park
Posted by @Mattie boy

20th May 2023​

A banner is added to the large onsite crane which says "Phalanx Aerial Support Unit"
@ThemeParkGuide on Twitter

27th May 2023​

The station's tentacles have been removed
Posted by @Haz | @Gingernbrown on Twitter
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June 2023 ⬆️

3rd June 2023​

Work on installing the overbank track sections has been taking place
Posted by @Danny

Further images of track sections in the car park
Posted by @Danny

14th June 2023​

A video shows track installation is now taking place during theme park hours
Posted by @Matt878787 | @morganownprice on Twitter

Further still pictures
Posted by @Haz | @Wrightyboy13 on Twitter

15th June 2023​

Video and pictures showing track being lifted in place
Posted by @Haz | @dean8001 on Twitter
Posted by @smidgey | @towersfanatic on Twitter
Posted by @s_g_k

16th June 2023​

Further track work pictures
Posted by @ItsAllGood
Posted by @Dobba | @TowersStreet on Twitter
Posted by @Haz | @ThemeParkGuide on Twitter

26th June 2023​

Photo updates from the site today
Posted by @Rick
Updated 6th June​
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July 2023 ⬆️

Note: With the park now open and plenty of people visiting during peak season, there's photo updates regularly in the topic. To avoid repetition, future posts will now only contain a selection of updates across the month where substantial changes/milestones can be seen.

6th July 2023​

Scaffolding has now been erected on the lift hill and brake run. These sections of the ride are not being removed, so platforms are being placed to allow shotblasting and painting to take place
Posted by @dazza4783 (Lift Hill) and brake run

8th July 2023​

A TikTok video shows parts of the station theming being removed by the onsite crane
Posted by @smidgey | @coaster.trips_ on TikTok

12th July 2023​

Track sections for the ride's loop are now ready for installation in the car park
Posted by @Earthwürm

18th July 2023​

Some arcade machines are now stocked with #SeekTheTruth merchandise
@TowersStreet on Instagram

19th July 2023​

The loop has started to go vertical, with cranes beginning to install the track sections
Posted by @Haz | @Coasterlytical on YouTube

20th July 2023​

The loop was being worked on throughout the day, with it being topped off this afternoon
Posted by @Dobba | @themeparkworldwide on Twitter

21st July 2023​

A shot of the ride's pit shows the amount of scaffolding built to support construction
Posted by @Dobba | @coasterlytical on Instagram

25th July 2023​

Photos show the eye feature has been removed from the station
Posted by @RicketyCricket and @Dobba | @Nemesisfanboy on Twitter (Photo 2)

26th July 2023​

The station has started to be painted a dark grey/black colour suggesting a colour change to the ride's previous iteration
Posted by @Trooper Looper | @coasterlyrical on Instagram

New plywood parts are seen in the area
Posted by @Steve74 | @themeparkworldwide on YouTube

27th July 2023​

Further image of the plywood parts
Posted by @Skyscraper | @ZacFarren on Twitter

28th July 2023​

Teams continue construction of new themeing
Posted by @TomW | @Coasterlyrical on Instagram
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August 2023 ⬆️

Note: To avoid repetition, future posts will now only contain a selection of updates across the month where substantial changes/milestones can be seen.

2nd August 2023​

The supports for the helix are now in place
Posted by @Morgan Price

4th August 2023​

Primer or filler appears to be being applied across the station in preparation for further painting
Posted by @Dobba | @1kit_bee3 on Twitter

Installation of the helix continues
Posted by @Dobba | @AGDRoblox on Twitter

11th August 2023​

The limb nearest to the queue line bridge has now been painted completely
Posted by @Dobba

14th August 2023​

Aerial photos show the latest overview of the construction site
Posted by @Danny

Preparatory work continues on the station
Posted by @Dobba

15th August 2023​

Long video showing the full installation of the exit of the first corkscrew
Posted by @DanJB | YouTube Link

16th August 2023​

The first section of the corkscrew goes in
Posted by @Dobba | @ThemeParkWorldwide on Twitter | Video on Instagram

Work continues on the station, with some detail now being applied
Posted by @Dobba | @ThemeParkWorldwide on YouTube

17th August 2023​

The corkscrew is now in place
Posted by @Connor98 | @ThemeParkWorldWide on Instagram

18th August 2023​

An overview of work to the station taken from the monorail
Posted by @Dobba | @Coasterlytical on YouTube

23rd August 2023​

Images showing painting progress to the station which has now had plenty of detail applied. Elsewhere, the brake run is also being painted
Posted by @Haz

25th August 2023​

Taken from the monorail, a comparison video shows the old track vs the new track
Posted by @James | @Coastertog on TikTok

28th August 2023​

Photos showing an overview of the site, the finished corkscrew, brake run and station painting
Posted by @djtruefitt
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September 2023 ⬆️

Note: To avoid repetition, future posts will now only contain a selection of updates across the month where substantial changes/milestones can be seen.

7th September 2023​

Further paint detail is now being added to the station, and lift hill painting is quickly progressing
Posted by @Dobba

8th September 2023​

A recent video shows the extended queue line is currently being dug up presumably to be repaired. Elsewhere, the lift hill supports are being painted.
Posted by @Steve74 | @Coasterlytical on YouTube

13th September 2023​

Scaffolding is being constructed around the ride's entrance structure
Posted by @Morgan Price

Work seems to be taking place at the ride's former single rider entrance
Posted by @ItsAllGood

15th September 2023​

Drone footage shows an overview of progress on site so far
Posted by @Mykeprime | @Matthew Wilkinson on YouTube

16th September 2023​

As well as work on the entrance structure, scaffolding has also been erected around the Mushroom Tours bus
Posted on TowersStreet Facebook

26th September 2023​

A Stoke Sentinel article confirmed trains have arrived on site
Posted by @dazza4783 | Stoke Sentinel

29th September 2023​

Theme Park Worldwide's latest video shows large amounts of theming have been removed from the front of the ride's station
Posted by @Dobba | @Theme Park Worldwide on YouTube
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October 2023 ⬆️

Note: To avoid repetition, future posts will now only contain a selection of updates across the month where substantial changes/milestones can be seen.

4th October 2023​

Some work has been taking place to the fake track pieces to match them with the ride's new look
Posted by @Dobba | @UK Theme Parks on YouTube

Magnetic brakes have been spotted on the ride, replacing the previous mechanical brakes
Posted by @DanJB

5th October 2023​

Following the erection of scaffolding around it, the entrance structure is now being painted
Posted by @Dobba | @Theme Park Worldwide on YouTube

6th October 2023​

Further pictures show the painting works to the entrance structure
Posted by @Skyscraper | @TowersStreet on Facebook

7th October 2023​

Removal of parts of the station structure continues
Posted by @Skyscraper | @TowersStreet on Facebook

Further detailed shots of works taking place to the station and entrance structure
Posted by @GooseOnTheLoose

12th October 2023​

Substantial parts of the front and back of the station have now been removed, indicating further more detailed works may be taking place
Posted by @Matt878787 | @coastertog on Instagram

17th October 2023​

A photo update from TowersTimes shows the vein detail has been outlined on the lift hill track, one of the sections which was not replaced with brand new track
Posted by @Dobba | TowersTimes Website

22nd October 2023​

As well as the Mushroom Cloud Tour bus, the photo building has also now got scaffolding erected around it
Posted by @Dobba | @ThrillPix on Twitter

27th October 2023​

Vein detail is now also seen on the brake run, another section of the track which was not replaced and painted in situ.
Posted by @Dobba | @UK Theme Parks on YouTube

30th October 2023​

Propmakers Norse Sky have been spotted on site
Posted by @VerticalLoop123

Following the erection of scaffolding, the photo unit has now had primer applied
Posted by @Skyscraper | @TowersTimes on Facebook

November 2023 ⬆️

Note: To avoid repetition, future posts will now only contain a selection of updates across the month where substantial changes/milestones can be seen.

1st November 2023​

What appears to be tentacles are currently being added to the entrance structure
Posted by @Haz | @coasterlytical on Instagram

An overview taken from the monorail of the current state of the site
Posted by @Dobba | @coastertog on Instagram

2nd November 2023​

On the eve of the park's final main season weekend, a video is released teasing the ride's return in 2024
Posted by @sully1311 | @AltonTowers on Twitter

3rd November 2023​

The hoardings around Nemesis have been partially cut away and new posters have been added
Posted by @Steve74 | @Thrill_Nation on Twitter

Searchlights, smoke and of course Phalanx operatives are located around the ride for the first of three nights of Fireworks
@TowersStreet on Facebook | @Danny and @Blackhole_Sun on the forum

6th November 2023​

The morning after the final day of the 2023 main season, the final piece of track arrives on site
Posted by @Poisson | @TowersStreet on Facebook

Following its arrival, less than a couple of hours later the track is quickly lifted into place
Posted by @Steve74 | @DisneyDoge on Twitter

7th November 2023​

With the track now in place, Nemesis is now full circuit again
Posted by @Matt878787 | @coasterlytical on Instagram

13th November 2023​

A picture showing the removal of the top half of the ride's old loop has been posted by one of the crane operators
Posted by @Dobba | Steve Winwood on Facebook

22nd November 2023​

Updated flyover of the site
Posted by @Mykeprime | @Adventure Spoons YouTube

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December 2023 ⬆️

Note: To avoid repetition, future posts will now only contain a selection of updates across the month where substantial changes/milestones can be seen.

17th December 2023​

A small helicopter has been added to the turnaround above the ride's main pit
Posted by @Steve74 | @Lift Hills and Thrills on YouTube

The same video also shows work to the station's legs are continuing, and the top theming of the ride's photo point building has been removed
Posted by @demz_4 and @Squiggs

20th December 2023​

General overview of the site from outside the park
Posted by @TowersStreet

28th December 2023​

Images show shipping container theming and a closer look at spike details added to the station
Posted by @Steve74 | @Coasterlytical on YouTube


January 2024 ⬆️

Note: To avoid repetition, future posts will now only contain a selection of updates across the month where substantial changes/milestones can be seen.

7th January 2024​

A closer look at the containers placed around the site and the speakers ready to be installed
Posted by @Johnny Rocket | @TowersTimes on Twitter

8th January 2024​

Alton Towers announced the revamped ride will be known as Nemesis Reborn and release a teaser trailer showcasing the new logo
@TowersStreet on Twitter | TowersStreet News Article

19th January 2024​

Nemesis Reborn is now testing, with the resort releasing a new video
@Altontowers on Twitter

An evening segment on BBC Midlands Today offered further shots of the ride testing
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27th January 2024​

Permanent lighting appears to have been installed in the Nemesis Reborn queueline
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What appears to be a new queueline shop under construction
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28th January 2024​

A closer look at the fencing, speakers and block paving which is now being installed
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A revamped tail for monster is now awaiting installation
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