Alton Towers - 6th July 2014

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    We arrived at Alton Towers at about 8:45am after a 6am start, got the monorail in and headed over to X-Sector.

    Two quick ERT rides on Oblivion were had before joining the queue for The Smiler, which opened 10 minutes early with no problems. After this we had two more rides via the Single Rider Queue before heading over to Dark Forest. Here we had two rides on Rita (still rubbish) using the SRQ, and one go on Thirteen which was playing up.

    Hex was next, followed by lunch as the Explorer's Pizza Pasta, after which we went on Congo River Rapids. Here they were not filling the rafts, which caused the queue to be much longer than it should have been! Despite this, we got put in a group of 8 as they started filling them just as we were near the front of the queue:(
    Two rides on Duel were next, which has seen a few touch ups such as webs in the spider room which look really effective. It broke down on the second ride causing my brother to get a score of 105,000!
    After Duel we headed over to the Nemesis SRQ, but it broke down so we had a quick ride on Air (by which time it had reopened).

    Nemesis was running the best I've ever known it, it was absoloutely flying round the track! Even the stall turns were intense today! 9 rides were had using the SRQ. It would have been more but someone threw up all over the station which caused a 20 minute delay. The man cleaning it told us that in 6 years of working there he had never seen (or smelt) anything quite like it!
    I would have happily stayed on Nemesis until 5:30 but my brother wanted to go back on The Smiler so we went on that (which was also running very well) before one last ride on Oblivion as the queues were due to close in two minutes.

    Overall we had a very good day, with very few niggles.

    - Nemesis was like a bat out of hell!
    - Single Rider Queues were very useful once again
    - The Smiler also running very well
    - Park wasn't very busy

    - Ride close being 5:30
    - People who can't keep their lunch down holding us up on Nemesis!
    - Quite a few breakdowns (Thirteen, Nemesis, Hex)
    - Why do they make you walk through the arcade after going on Oblivion? :mad:

    Nemesis x9
    The Smiler x4
    Oblivion x3
    Duel x2
    Rita x2
    Thirteen x1
    Air x1
    Hex x1
    Congo River Rapids x1

    TOTAL: 24
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