Alton Towers Mardi Gras 22nd May 2021

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    Alton towers was awesome! Got into the park at 9.30am, went straight to smiler which had a 30min que, then on oblivion which was a walk-on. Then I went to thirteen which was 35mins and rita which was 40mins. By 1pm I have done 4 coasters. Had lunch and went on Galactica/Air which was 40mins, then nemesis which said 35mins. But actually was on the ride about 15 mins, then wickerman which was an hour long que. (shortest que time all day). Then went on the Spinball Wizzer, by 4.30pm I have managed to get on the big 7 and the Spinball Wizzer. Because I got tired, just went on nemesis 1 more time again around 15mins que time and called it a day. Got very lucky with front seat rows on Oblivion, The Smiler, Thirteen, Rita and Nemesis (twice!) As expected though, no social distancing in the que's. But in the stations it was forced upon by the staff for everyone's safety, no que for front row seats, the staff told people to move down and go into what bay. I listened and did the instructions set, so me getting on a lot of front seat rides was pure luck! There wasn't really any downtime of ride stoppages. Apart from Rita, they had 1 train going. But there was a little wait as they put the other train on to make 2 trains running. Mardi Gras itself was a hit or miss sadly. Some areas either didn't have much or nothing at all of the event. But some places did have plenty of 'Krewe' performers, the stage was used. The food from the new food stands looked absolutely incredible! Definetly a very good trip, despite the Mardi Gras not living up to the hype the Towers put on. The day was FULLY BOOKED and still managed to have nearly 3 hours to spare, so the staff who operated the rides that day on the 22nd May 2021. WELL DONE! So definitely go if you can, there were people saying nemesis was closed due to maintenance, but the ride was fully operationally all day. And by far, the quickest staff to get the coasters moving as quickly as possible :)
    Posted 23rd May 2021

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