Alton Towers Trip 23rd July 2020

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    I went to Alton Towers yesterday taking one of my friends along who'd never been before to Alton Towers, and boy we enjoyed it. The crowd levels were originally high from the Galactica Car Park, but once they got everyone in, there weren't problems with social distancing in all queue lines. So we queued about 15 minutes to get into the park but i was fine with that and then we had our temperature checks and they were fine. Got onto Towers Street and we were greeted by the ATTP, who were very nice and friendly. Onto the rides.
    This ride I've always found it's underrated despite it's untidy theming and age. It was running very well and although my leg got slammed into the side of the car yesterday and we waited 10 minutes for it so not too bad.
    We decided to go to the Dark Forest and it needs some TLC desperately. The first time I've stepped inside the area this year and it's crying out for new rides. Anyway, quick operations on TH13TEEN and it was very good having some delightful dummies behind me. Still got the airtime and drop was still intense. It's underrated again and slated too much and i like it despite it being short. We were going to do Rita but the queue was too long so we decided to come back later.
    I really enjoy this ride despite the tunnel that needs to be themed. It was good to get back on it again and we had mist on the portal but unfortunately, the first inversion still slams your shoulders into the restraints but after that it's fine. Overall, a good ride but it needs to have more theming added.
    What could be better than having a ride on Nemesis. It felt very intense when i did it on the back row and it's still my favourite coaster at AT. My friend lost her facemask on the helix so the ride staff very kindly gave her another one. Brilliant and intense.
    We had flames and mist today but sadly the deity does look not so impressive without the screens. Still, they have a bird's nest on the maintenance shed and a bird kept flying in and out trying to see what was going on. Wickerman was running really well and it had picked up some serious speed and it has the brilliant airtime. Love this coaster and it's 3rd placed at Towers.
    The queue had gone down so we sprinted over to the Drab Forest and we had a 15 minute wait for Rita. We had a back row ride and the launch was very good despite the announcement being YOU MUST... it cut off the word escape and the lights kept on flickering. Launch was good as usual but the transition out of it was rough, and hurt a lot on the head. I tried moving my head into different positions but no matter what it just seemed very rough which is unfortunate for this ride. It will always be special to me though as it was my first ever launch coaster back then.
    The music was pumping out in X-Sector and Enterprise was closed which didn't really help. We had a second row ride and it was running really good apart from the cobra roll at the end. Running well and it still kept up it's speed throughout. My friend said it was her favourite ride ever but i still think Nemesis is better than The Smiler at Towers.
    We didn't have to wait that long for Oblivion and the drop still had the same speed, intensity and mist. This ride is short but sweet and it was good to have a ride on it. No facemask issues on this ride? Overall, X-Sector was a big highlight today apart from Enterprise being closed. Other rides closed were Hex, Octanauts (i still haven't got the credit) and the monorail so a decent lineup. We redid Galactica again at the end before getting on the Skyride which broke down. 10 minute delay and eventually we were off again and we broke down again just over the Pagoda Fountain. Issues fixed however, and we made it back to Towers Street. Good atmosphere, friendly staff and overall probably one of the best visits I've had to Towers!
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    Posted 24th Jul 2020
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    Glad to hear you both had a good day, you'll have to take your friend back sometime so she can ride Hex. :)
    Posted 24th Jul 2020

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