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    We arrived pretty late on I think half an hour later which I thought was going to mean we couldn’t t straight on nemesis and Galactica

    We headed to Forbidden Valley and nemesis was at 5 minutes and was basically 0 minutes, we came off went to Galactica was closed and people were queuing before the entrance but everyone started to retreat so we got another walk on on nemesis, I think I got my first semi black out on nemesis ;p I think doing nemesis first made me feel a bit meh not physically, physiologically, because I was dreading oblivion that was the next big ride for me and idk I think in hindsight I should have done some smaller rides first and built myself up rather than get an adrenaline rush right away.

    We did Galactica and was pretty much a walk on but I’d never been over that bridge to station 2 so that was a new experience I guess. I found Galactica very very uncomfortable to ride because I’m not that tall but I was knelt with my calve on the leg restraint and I had to push my back up to the back of the chair I’m not sure if I described that well but it meant I wasn’t just lay forward and it was very tiring and uncomfortable. I’ve always found flying coasters to be quite claustrophobic too not so much this time tho, maybe I’ve gotten used to it?

    Then we went and did the rapids, honestly not done in ages and was a nice little relaxation from the rides. We had to share with a group of young women which was rather awkward but was fine really. The queue seemed to really go quite fast. I noticed they’ve added wasp traps or I’m not sure if they are just the water beaker things for birds that they just got trapped in.

    Then we went to Th13teen the queue felt like it went on for forever was advertised 45 minutes but dragged out for ages. The Tesla coil didn’t work. I honestly thought it was an enjoyable ride experience and for once to me it actually felt like a proper thrill ride. It was running very fast the bunny hops gave some good forces and the drop dropped a lot further down than I remember it doing previously.

    Then Rita was at 45 minutes too and we’d had enough of queues as you can tell I’m very impatient when it comes to queuing - I think I’ve managed to bare wickerman’s queue now. When we’d just joined the queue for Th13teen I was checking ride times and saw that oblivion was on 5 mins, I was dreading oblivion before coming and whilst we were there the thought of doing it just gave me anxiety, although I’ve already done it a good few times I was just so scared. I was hoping it would go up so I had the excuse of the long queue, so I just said well we’re here now we may as well just keep queuing for Th13teen but it remained at 5 mins so we went to do oblivion I was actually feeling confident after coming of thirteen and was on a high I think I wanted a bit more and having done the drop on thirteen it made me reassured I don’t know why.

    I was actually really scared once we were boarding and going through the queue - I don’t know why but it always scares me oblivion but we got straight on and I did it and I really enjoyed it so we did it again. I was planning to possibly do the smiler but it was down I suppose I had a valid excuse not to do it lol. We checked ride times and wickerman was 20 mins which seemed good for wickerman but when we were near it changed to 40 minutes. We joined the queue and it seemed very far in for 40 mins (we arrived at the kiosk) but we noticed a lot of people leaving the queue as it seemed to be experiencing some sort of downtime. We stayed and it pushed us quite far in the queue and then we got an announcement from a dazed sounding ride op who said “ sorry we seem to experiencing a delay we are just sorting the... err uhh umm *pause* the film. We all assumed he meant the pre-show surely that wouldn’t bring down the ride, I’d rather not do it to be honest once you’ve done it before there’s not really much reason to do it again and it wasn’t vital. Anyway it seemed to have started up again as dozens of people had just left the queue and it was a fairly quick queue. We got back row and it was so much snappier, faster and intense. I really enjoyed doing back row especially the first bank turn. The fire effect was down again.

    Then Rita was advertised at 20 mins but went up to 40 lon the way like wickerman did but we did it anyway, I actually really enjoy Rita people say the figure 8 loop is boring but I think the turns and drops provide a decent layout and airtime I think it’s more intense than oblivion for sure. I really enjoy that launch. I blacked out last time lol.

    We then did oblivion again and my dad had a head ache so I went on alone again and I got front row which I’ve never done before and I think it provided a different ride experience to the back row it’s ride operations were great i assume it was a combination of the large capacity shuttles/trains, good staff/operations, the short layout and the smiler.

    On a bad note I noticed some people with suspicious looking substances in bags and dodgy groups of people whilst I was there, gloomy wood stank of cannabis last time I went I think drugs may be a problem for the park. It just kind of set a bad vibe/atmosphere for me.

    We left quite early but it just meant we were home early and not a big monorail rush and coming out of the car park.
    We got a fair few rides done obviously didn’t do the smiler by the end of the day we’d just become sick of queues.
    You all probably don’t care I was bored and I thought I’d do a report.
    Posted 17th Aug 2019
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    Really enjoy reading people's reports, Thanks for posting.
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    Posted 19th Aug 2019

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