Cryptids and Cryptozoology

So I’ve developed a real interest in Cryptids/Cryptozoology. I thought it would be an interesting discussion and may lead to some informative television programmes also.

So to clarify by Cryptid I mean an animal whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated.
this can include various forms or Bigfoot Sasquatch or Yeti, the Mothman or even our own Loch Ness Monster.

I’ve been watching a number of Bigfoot “documentaries” and find it interesting in the different presentation. For instance one show is full of believers who have had their own experiences with Bigfoot and every episode they “confirm” at least five separate Bigfoot encounters. Another has sceptics who are open to the idea and this seems a lot more rational.

personally I find the possibility of such animals very believable. Maybe not to the extent of some of the more “famous” cryptids but I would imagine folklore and (for example) native Indian stories passed down have so credence and believability about them and must have started from something.

What Cryptids have others heard of? Are they believable? Do you believe? Can anyone recommend an interesting TV show or online video. Currently I’m perusing YouTube to see what else I can find. I’ve found a new hobby it appears.


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Sorry to burst your bubble, as far as I'm concern, these are just stories to pull in tourists.

However some people do believe in unicorns and flying pigs


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Used to get Fortean Times, cryptozoology was a very common topic.
ABC's Alien Big Cats, were my favourites.
The big black cats are out there Roy...don't get chewed up as a disbeliever!
And I know Unicorns exist...they were selling real Unicorn sharts in a jar last Christmas in The Works.
Must be real or they would get done for fraud.


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I will try and find the details. A few years ago a GPS tracker that was on a whale or a large shark (can't) remeber which. Was tracked diving excessively deeply, alarmingly quick.

Deeper much more quickly than any known animal currently in the sea. So scientists hypothesized, that an animal far larger than some of the largest known animals in the sea potentially are this large animal and took it into the deep. Really fascinating stuff.

You know the ignorance of humans, "because I cannot see it, it must not exist" is a cancerous attitude people have for all host of things in the world. The same attitude that people dismiss stuff as not being real because they have seen it, is the same sort of attitude that drives humanity's ferocious destruction of the planet. It really is a truely closed mind and flawed attitude to have. We live in a Universe that is to our knowledge, limitless and full of every possibility imaginable. Open your minds a bit, there has to be things even on this planet, that we havent encountered. I'm not saying it's all real, but having a closed mind is pretty tragic really. I personally do not believe things like Yetis, Big Foot or Loch ness are real. But especially in the sea, there is stuff we havent discovered for sure, it's so big. After all, we discover new smaller species all the time, so the chances are there are bigger stuff out there, in those seas. The odds are in its favour.

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To be honest, I don't mind if people have fun with tracking Bigfoot and loch ness monster sightings for fun so long as they are fully aware that such characters are fictional and they don't try and pass them off as real to other people. I also enjoy NORAD tracks Santa at Christmas, whilst anyone over seven knows that Santa is fictional it is still fun trying to work out where he would be and how fast he would be travelling if he was real.


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The big black cats are out there Roy...don't get chewed up as a disbeliever!

Did you see the one on ITV GMB? Andy Peters was doing a comp segment and the camera man was filming a swan when the viewers spotted what looks like a Big Black Cat in the background?

The big black cat turned out to be a pet dog, this was confirmed on GMB the next day as the owner of the dog contacted the program saying it was them walking their dog there that morning

As for the yeti, I'm sure that that has been proven as a hoax


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To quote a certain TV series...I want to believe.

These things also interest me, and it is sometimes satisfying just to allow your mind to open up to the possibilities even if in most cases they are obviously not true. The original Big Foot film, Cottingley Fairies and more recently - surprisingly it came up during my engineering studies - the Mothman.

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I think there's a fair chance there are a number of larger-than-average cats scattered in wilderness throughout the UK, occasionally making an appearance beside a canal or in a Tesco car park to the delight of the local press.
I’ve been playing some Fallout 76 which has a Cryptid quest to hunt them down. I enjoy that both the Flatwoods Monster and Moth Man ((West Virginia Cryptids) feature heavily in the game.
Whilst it the big mythological or supernatural Cryptids that get all the glory there is president for some supposed Cryptids being found. I think the Bili Monkey and some large deer have been “discovered” whilst obviously not as exciting as Sasquatch or a glowing eyed flying monstrosity I find interesting nevertheless