Don't stay in The Raddle Inn

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    Appreciate the information, shame you had a bad stay and I hope you do raise the issues with the owner and come to some sort of agreement on the rest of your stay.

    As an aside, there's a few issues I'd like to address regarding some of the posts in here. Starting a topic with no information on why the stay was poor is naturally going to cause people to question your stance. Giving reasons why the stay is so poor at the start of the topic would have likely prevented this issue. I would however, ask people to remain respectful to each other on both sides, as some of the posts above aren't really in keeping with this.

    Creating a topic "Don't stay in the Raddle Inn" in a discussion forum is going to create responses from those who have stayed and have enjoyed their time there. That's not to say people are necessarily dismissing your points and personal experiences, they are merely giving their own reviews of their own stay there. To me, that's only fair to give a balanced representation of the business from a variety of different people.
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