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Energylandia (Poland): New Coasters

Let me just stop you there, while I remind 98% of this forum that it IS possible to be politically central, non-racist... and STILL be pro-Brexit.
.... And I've never read a tabloid rag in my life.

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I’d suggest not accusing the EU of ‘stealing’ money if you want to be taken seriously.

Off today to enegylandia. Does anyone know if you need permission for onride filming? From what I have seen so far you don't

There are hugely conflicting reports about what’s allowed and what isn’t. One thread I read a little while ago on another site suggested that theme park bloggers were even being charged a hefty fee to film.
No issue filming on rides today, as long as its on a chest mount there seem to be no problems with staff despite the big signs saying "No Gopro".
Had a great day with 4x zadra rides 2x hyperion rides and more opertunitytto get rides in tomorrow.
Highlights for me were zadra which is like a honey badger on a bad acid trip- stupidly fast, crazy ejector and rediculous intensity, get PMBO VIBES with how intense the drops and speed is. Better than wildfire in my opinion.
Hyperion blew me away, lots of airtime with a great first drop and air time hill. It's not the better ride of the two but it's the more reridable and always left me with a huge grin after.

Got front and back rows on both. Both were back row rides IMHO.
I would say PBMO was probably the most intense ride I had been on before zadra in terms of speed that it takes its elements.

Rest assured zadra is not rough as hell like the big one, in fact it's butter smooth and has plentiful airtime. The wave turn is IMO the best peart of the ride
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The Big One certainly isn't the most fast-paced coaster I've ridden, but I must admit that I've always felt a sense of real pace and exhilaration when I'm on it. I even once greyed out slightly on the first drop!

I must admit, I think the only reason why I'm not a huge fan of the ride at the moment is because it is often too rough for me to enjoy it; if it was smoother, I actually think it would be my 2nd favourite coaster at BPB behind Icon. It admittedly has very little airtime (perhaps even none), but airtime isn't really what the ride was designed for. The sense of speed is more what the Big One is about, and I personally think it provides this very well!
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For me at least, the Big One is exhilarating through the first drop and the bottom of the other drops. I certainly don't think it's as boring as some enthusiasts claim it is. But there's so much missed potential.
Utter balls that beats you up while providing a nice view.
Had an hours ert with Scott's lot after Icons opening.
Six rides I think before I gave up...beat me to hell.
Never do it more than twice now.
As I said above, I don't find the ride as boring as other enthusiasts seem to, but I don't really like it that much because of how rough it is.
Regardless, to compare an RMC to it seems somewhat odd. Not a single one I've been on is comparable in any respect.
I didn't intend for this to turn into a standard PMBO thrashing (very much like the ride itself gives you), although it is amusing. If we could revert back to Energylandia discussion I'd be very grateful ;)

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So before any major work has even been started on Aqualantis, track has arrived for the park's new Vekoma mine train coaster: