Fastrack Farce

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AstroDan, 28th Oct 2012.

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    The thing which makes me really sad about the situation on Oblivion and Thirteen is that one of the primary causes of it is managers wanting to IMPROVE guest experience, by making up for the lack of the free perk of ERT for hotel guests.

    But if Sales and Info insist on selling the same amount, on rides which are having their throughput already reduced by silly new rules and staff who aren't being pushed for's guaranteed to cause hell for everyone.

    With ride staff working flat out, fasttrack sales at normal levels, and rides working as normal, this Saturday would be completely hellish queue-wise anyway... But I can only hold my breath for how it'll be this year :p.

    Here's hoping staff training reverts to placing more importance on throughputs this year, in everyone's interests.

    (on a side note, I'm equally frustrated by ridiculous people who see fit to complain about only doing 1 ride on a full Scarefest day... Nothing but their own fault!)
    Posted 1st Nov 2012
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    Harvey Mackay sums it up for me in one simple quote:

    There's a place in the world for any business that takes care of its customers after the sale
    Posted 1st Nov 2012
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    I dont know if they changed it slightly this week, but we had the hotel fastrack yesterday and for TH13TEEN it said it had to be used before 1pm, but the others could be used all day. The park wasnt that busy to notice the fastrack however.

    After speaking to some staff yesterday, they said fastrack will be going up in price next year and they will be selling less of them, that way its more of a unique product, and not something that everyone just buys because they have to. Hopefully then with less people buying fastrack the queues will move quicker.
    Posted 5th Nov 2012
  4. Scott

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    Sounds like a step forward for sure! If it needs to be monetised then it needs to be treated as a premium product for the few rather than for the masses as when everyone buys it... The system fails.
    Posted 6th Nov 2012
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    I think this year is the first time ever Alton Towers have ever suffered from levels of major poor service and huge Fast Track throughput effects. I got the feeling speaking to various people that they will be looking closely at the situation for next year.

    I know we hate Fast Track but the Sales and Info team are a really friendly team and really care so I think it will be sorted.
    Posted 6th Nov 2012

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